29th January

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  1. Year 2 says:

    We enjoyed assembly this morning and talked back in class about the Little Blue Engine who had a positive thought in his head and kept telling himself…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. We have to be positive and try to have positive thoughts so that we do the best we can. Sometimes it’s hard but we need to keep going.

    Self esteem is hugely important. We read some quotes like ‘Love the person you see in the mirror every day!’, ‘What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think of you!’.

    We can build up each other’s self esteem by saying ‘Well done!’ and ‘You are amazing!’ and ‘You are cool!’ This makes others feel special, loved, included and part of our class.

    This week we are going to build each other up!

  2. Year 5 says:

    Year 5 discussed the blog and all the questions on it. We think that:

    What is self – esteem?
    Self-esteem is having confidence in your own abilities and worth. It is when you feel good about yourself and you feel ositive, not negative.

    Why is high or positive self – esteem so important?
    It is important for everyone to have high levels of self-esteem in order to feel happy and confident. Having high self-esteem can put us in a good mood and allow us to challenge ourselves.

    Can you think of any other ways we can help others feel positive?
    – By saying something good about yourself or others
    -Giving people praise or saying well done
    – Focus on all the postive things in their day
    – Ask people what is wrong and let them play with you

    Why are we all special?
    We are all different and that is what makes us unique and special in our own way. There is only one of us and we all like different things and are good at different things. Life would be boring if we were all the same.

  3. Year 1 says:

    Charlie said that self esteem is about happiness and feeling good about yourself.
    Positive self esteem is really important as having an I can do it attitude and keeping positive really helps you to feel good about yourself. Lee told us all about how important it is to feel good about yourself. Nathan said that you can encourage people to be successful by saying ‘You can do it…’ Imogen said a smile can make you feel good. Amelia agreed that saying to her friends ‘Yes you can do it, I know you can.’ would help.
    Riley said that we are all different because we look different and we have different talents but we are all special and belong to one big family at home, in school and where we live.

    Year 1 are going to try really hard to be positive and say things to boost their friends and make them feel good about themselves. We are going to talk this week about our successes!

  4. Mrs Turner - Foundation says:

    In Foundation today we discussed what self-esteem meant and what high and low self-esteem was. Next we thought of some things that we could say well done for to ourselves and our friends as this makes us feel good and boosts our confidence and good feelings. Together we talked about our ‘super’ moments from the day.
    Mrs Norris had a ‘super’ idea – she brought the super hero cape into the classroom so that we may wear it when we want to say well done to ourselves about something we feel proud of. Libby was very proud that she had been super at tidy up time and had helped her friends. Max said he was super at colouring in today and he had stayed in the lines. Charlie T said that he had made some super construction. I said that everybody had been super at playing kindly this afternoon and we gave ourselves a pat on the back and a double polish. The teachers are looking forward to hearing more well done celebrations this week, we will also be listening to the song and sharing the story, they sound fantastic!

  5. Year 4 says:

    Self esteem is when you believe in yourself and believe you can achieve something.
    One way we can make people feel positive about themselves is by respecting them. We can take time to make sure they join in with our games and don’t feel left out. We can praise our cheer on our friends when they achieve something. Particularly something that they may find hard. We can help others when they find something hard by supporting them and not calling out their mistakes.
    Henry Ford meant that if you put your mind to something and have a positive frame of mind, then you can achieve anything.
    The story of the little blue engine taught us to never can. The train repeated “I think I can, I think I can” whilst completing a seemingly impossible task and managed to do it. We can use this message in our everyday lives to help us achieve things that may seem difficult at first.

  6. Daisy Woodman says:

    Self esteem is self confidence, it is also when you feel good about yourself.
    It is good to have high self esteem because everyone deserves to be happy and feel that they can do it.
    We could help others have a high self esteem by giving them a praise or saying well done or your really good at maths.
    We are special because we are all unique and clever in our own way, we all like different thing and some people are better at things than others.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Self-esteem is is when you believe in yourself and don’t give up when you find something hard.

    High self-esteem or a positive attitude is important because you need them to succeed. If you believe you can do it then it will most likely happen. If you give up or don’t believe then it won’t. Important people made major changes in society because they had a high self-belief/esteem.

    We can help others feel positive by:
    -give compliments
    -give support when people struggle
    -don’t put people down
    -being kind to people
    -give people help

    We are all special because we are different and unique and it would be boring if we were all the same. Difference is good!

  8. Year 3 says:

    Year 3 have been thinking about feeling good all week.
    We have been working on kindness and remembering to say please and thankyou. When people are being kind to us it raises our self-esteem and makes us happy. We are working hard in class to make everyone happy. We have a special display in class where we can achieve kindness dojos. Everyone has been supporting each other so far.

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