WB 22.1.18

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed Taylor Wimpey coming in us and drawing our designs. For the parent share my dad came in to help me. I really liked the parent share and making our Anderson shelters.

  2. s14aboswell says:

    I enjoyed the parent share a lot with my grandad we used cardboard for the bunker and spray painted it silver. We made a stove to put in there with a chimmney, we made some buckets with coal in we put moss on the top.

    When Taylor wimpey come we learnt about what they build, then later on we all went outside to think about what we would add to the school. Then we went back inside and got gave a piece of paper of the school in birds eye view and had to add them.

  3. Charlie bown says:

    I really enjoyed doing the parent share with Thomas and his mum they made a base with a bit of my help and I made some polis tiring sheep and men and we also had some people from a company called Taylor wimpy and they talked about what they do and then they helped us design a plan for the school grounds.

  4. 14eallberry says:

    I really enjoyed Taylor Wimpy coming in. I learnt a lot about how towns and cities are built. I also really enjoyed the parent share, it was really fun.

  5. maddie says:

    I enjoyed doing the Anderson Shelter with my dad because everyone had a bit of are fake green grass I thought it would be doing some think like that because I had a lot of grass me and my dad make and pretty good team and we did a washing line made out of a piece of string .

    When Taylor Wimpey came in with all her ‘helpers’ when saw what they build and the do playground like the one at Cheswick Green Park and the village hall. and we showed they all of the school.

  6. william says:

    I really enjoyed the parentshare because me and my dad made a really cool
    ww2 shelter and we had to get loads of diffrent materials and glue it all together.
    When we finished it turned out really good then we put it in the drama studio
    were everyone else put there’s.

  7. 14bbaker says:

    This week was very fun and I it was great with are parents coming in to help us with our Anderson Shelters.We were making them out of recycable materials and everyone’s looked great.Taylor Wimpey came in and they are building designers.We showed them around our school and we imagined are perfect play equipment there.

  8. lilley-rose says:

    I liked this parent share because I had a lot of fun building my Anderson shelter

    I loved all of the materials and I liked the workshop because I like designing things like that the best part of mine I think was the trampoline park and go-carts and bumper cars.

  9. 14ccash says:

    I Loved learning about ww2 and I had fun with my dad making the Anderson shelters. I thought me and my dad did quite well but even if its not the best I still had fun with my dad.
    Taylor Wimpey was very interesting. Me and Lilley-rose showed one of the Taylor Wimpey workers around her name was Zoey and we showed her the outside of the school and we told her what new thing we thought there should be more of on the playgrounds both ks2 and ks1.

  10. 14tgaffney says:

    I really enjoyed our parent share because we made ww2 shelters with our parents and we had lots of fun.

  11. 14ohorsler says:

    I liked making the anderson shelters and showing the tayler wimpy people around the school.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed ww2 parent share and I had alot of fun helping Oliver and his air raid shelter looks good and Ihelped Oliver because my mom wasn’t coming so I had to finish of my air raid raid before the parent share.

  13. 14ewoodward says:

    On Tuesday 23rd we had a parent share and we made a airrolded shelter with our parents and my parent came in my mom did sadly my mom and dad come,.

  14. 14scroton says:

    This week we have done a lot of fun things for the parent share we made Anderson shelters with are parents we used recycable materials everybodys looked good

  15. Mehreen says:

    Showing the Taylor Wimpey people around our school was really nice because we got to show them the outdoor equipment of our school also it was quite cool speaking to them and discussing/compering what equipment they used to have when they were in primary school.

    I personally enjoyed the parent share because I loved making a Anderson Shelter with my Mum and my Mum and I thought some of ours were really, really outstanding!

    That week was really fun, thank you Miss Haines and Miss Ellis!

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