animal poem

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  1. Noah Wroughton says:

    On the third verse you used 2 short sentences to create the reader a vision of a vicious plant

  2. jacob ellis says:

    the first one has 7 beats the second line has 6 beats the third line has 8 beats and the last line has 8 beats.

  3. 14oharmer says:

    one the first one it is 7 beats second 6 the the third 8 beats fourth one 8 beats.

  4. Amelia says:

    well done Megan and Aman on your poem the first line has 7 beats and the second line has
    6 beats and the third line has 6 beats

  5. luke says:

    why is the one a bit longer because it has 8 lines

  6. Toby says:

    On the first verse on the first the first two stancers are 7 beats long but the 3 stancer is 9 beats long.
    Therefore I think that the 3 stancer is 9 beats long because the flies are flying over the wind sheild.

  7. Jai Sharma says:

    In the third verse you have put the first two lines small, I think you have done it because the plant you are talking about it small but strong

  8. Anonymous says:

    Line 1 has 6 beats. Line 2 has 7 beats. Line 3 has 8 beats. Line 4 has 8 beats too. next line has 11 beats. I think the number goes up because the butterfly takes off and goes up.

  9. merik says:

    on the very last line you have put 12 sylablesn because it has so meany words

  10. Jack says:

    I think you have used loads of beats to write about lots of animals.

  11. James says:

    The first line has 6 sylblesas . the 2nd line has 7 sylblesas . the 3rd line has 8 sylblesas . the 4th line has 8 sylblesas.
    The the first line has a short sentance to make you want to read on and it has a short sentance for inpact .
    the 2nd line is stacking up for suspence .
    the 3rd line is getting higher and is drawing in the top place ay how many sylbles
    the 4th line is closeing down the line

  12. lous says:

    thers 75 weldone

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