Monday 1st February

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  1. Year 4 says:

    We think that the Fox didn’t really want the Leopard to eat the Tortoise because they are good friends and the Fox was trying to trick the Leopard in order to save the Tortoise.

    Here are some examples of when children in Year 4 have helped a friend in need:
    -when someone was upset I made them feel better.
    -when someone hurt themselves I comforted them.
    -when someone was struggling in a lesson I helped them by explaining what to do.

  2. Year 1 says:

    The fox didn’t really want leopard to eat tortoise as he was his friend and wanted to look after him. Mrs Rooke told us that she helped her friend at the weekend by giving her a lift to church as her car wasn’t working properly. Archie said he had helped his friend Adam when he had fallen over at playtime. Aimee remembered that she had helped her friend Sophie with her writing when she was finding it hard. Borys said when William was sad he asked him to come to play at his house. Everybody in year 1 said they were going to really try hard to be a good friend to others this week.

  3. Year 2 says:

    We don’t think he really wanted to get the tortoise eaten he just wanted to give a lesson about kindness.
    Ella – I helped my brother Matthew stand up and try to walk.
    Sofia always looks for people who need a friend to play with.
    Joel looks out for his younger brother Ellis so he doesnt hurt himself.
    Sophie helped her brother walk and showed kindness to him.

    All of us in Year 2 have promised to be better friends this week!

  4. Lexiemoore says:

    If fox didn’t ever do that .his best friend would of got baddly heart.

  5. Year 6 says:

    Molly – when helping someone else who is hurt.

    Emily – if someone felt lonely, you could offer friendship.

    Chloe – to help a friend out with a job they need to do.

    George – it is good to check that your friends are ok.

    Lydia – if a friend didn’t know what to do (e.g. in a lesson), you could help them.

  6. 14krehman says:

    I liked the story about the fox ,leopard and the tortoise. The story made me feel that always be kind to others and make sure if someone gets hurt help them not stand there and laugh about them because that’s not showing good friendship to others.

  7. Year 3 says:

    We have been thinking about what makes a good friend! We discussed how we have to help each other and share with our friends. We have to make sure that when they feel sad, we need to make them happy.

  8. Amrit Mahal says:

    The fox didn’t want leopard to eat tortoise because he cared about him so fox tricked leopard so tortoise would be safe.

    I have helped someone in a lesson.
    I have helped someone when they fell over.

  9. Sandeep mahal says:

    I think the fox was scared of the leopard, so he saved his friend by pretending to say the tortoise would be better if you put it in the water.And then the tortoise went and they were both safe.That is how you show friendship.I helped Fifi settle in class, when she first started.

  10. Lily Ellis says:

    I liked the fox and tortoise story. Fox was a good friend. I help my friends when they are sad and try and make them laugh.

  11. s14lnguyen says:

    Friends are very important and special,
    Real friends are kind and helpful,
    I think friends are significant,
    Everlasting friends are friends who are friends forever,
    Nobody can be a friend if they’re not nice,
    Do not be mean because that is not showing good friendship,
    Special are what friends are,
    Helpful are what friends are,
    Important is what friendship is,
    People can always be friends!

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