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  1. phoebe says:

    It was a nice time having Mike. The colours what the life guards ware are red and yellow. And it was a really nice time, and I hope everyone had a nice time too.

  2. Ronika Sharma says:

    It was nice to having in to tell us about safety in the water mike.If you are have trouble I the water put your hand up and say HELP!

  3. Amber says:

    The black and white flag means you can surf in that area,the yellow and red flag means there are lifeguards in that area and the red flag means come out of the water.If you are in trouble in the water put your hand up and shout HELP!!!!R.N.L.I stands for Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

  4. Satra Agostinho says:

    I still feel uncomfortable because when Moms and Dads try to save people and if more people get in trouble that will be worse.

  5. Mike Golder. (RNLI) says:

    Hi year 2
    I had a great time when I came in to see you. You were all so interested in the work we do and you have obviously taken away from my session the important safety information. I hope you all have a lovely summer and remember to stay safe while you are near the water. I have just come back from a long weekend in South Wales. We did some good surfing and of course I visited the lifeboat station. The day before I visited they had gone out to save somebody caught in a dangerous current. So remember to swim where the lifeguards are and they will keep you safe.

  6. amelie jay says:

    The life gards wear red and yellow clothes because there bright and everyone can see them proply when you need help
    you have your arm around and shout

  7. Lily Ellis says:

    We should always wave are hand when we are having trouble.

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