Assembly 1st June

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  1. Year 6 says:

    Reverend Vicky took assembly today which was about sharing food and making soup using the soup stone. She brought her friend David who is training to be a vicar and he was from Newcastle. He brought bread and fish with him.

  2. Year 5 says:

    In year 5 we have thought about changes here are some:

    Chloe: I have learnt how to get on with people.

    Harry: I am more confident at talking out loud

    Holly/Macy: We both are more confident with adults.

    Daniel: I feel more confident with maths.

    Jessica: writing all my ideas down.

    To improve the school we thought the jublie garden should be tidied up and maybe painted.

  3. Year 3 says:

    Year 3 are very proud of themselves and feel they have grown up alot this year. They are all taller and very happy now they are in KS2. They mentioned that they have worked hard in learning their timestables and have improved their sentence structure.
    They enjoyed using the extra part in the adventure playground and are now looking forward to a brand new school kitchen!

  4. class 4 says:

    Evie – my handwriting is a lot neater

    Jack – I have improved my reading a lot this year

    Harry – in the future i would like to improve my English

    Calum, Miriam and lots of us – our handwriting has improved

    Luke – my hobbies have changed because now i love to draw

    Tabby – i have improved my baking skills

    Grace – my drawing has improved and changed a lot

  5. David says:

    I have improved my writing and reading.

  6. calum says:

    My hobbies have changed and my friends.

  7. David says:

    My hobbies have changed.
    I have improved my writing skills
    and my maths.

  8. sophia b says:

    My dancing has improved since my last exam.

  9. Joseph says:

    My handwriting has improved

  10. owen y4 says:

    in the future i would like to ignore distractions and get better at my writing.

  11. Madyson year 4 says:

    I have improved my drawing and reading skills . I can draw Ducks good , and if you ask me about a jaculine wilson book I can tell you all about it .

  12. archie and charlie says:

    My handwriting has become much better and charlies handwriting has become much better aswell.

  13. Tabitha says:

    I have inproved my drawing beacouse people keep saying that my drawing has got a lot better.

  14. harry t says:

    i have really improved my handwriting this term and i can read more words.

  15. liam says:

    I have improved my drawing and handwriting.

  16. miriam c says:

    My hand writing has improved a lot and my spelling has improved a lot aswell.

  17. Emily Jones 4MB says:

    This year my handwriting has really changed because in year 3 i struggled to spell words like especially but know i now them. In the future i would like to get better at drawing. My friends have really changed because in year 3 I d8id not have many friends but now I have got lots of friends and get on with them really well. If we were going to change our school and make it better I would in the winter and maybe sometimes in the summer get a club and every month or when ever there is dirt or leaves on the playgrounds sweep and tidy the mess up so that our school looks tidy and clean. Also in the class room at times it gets messy so maybe a few people from each class could stay in for a bit at break and tidy up the class rooms.

  18. Year 1 says:

    Lexie, Rosa, Layton, Sofia and Jacob have learned to ride their bikes without stabilisers this year. Jacob, Joel, Tommy, Max, Jamie and Oliver have all achieved their orange belts this year so they have got better at karate.
    We talked about changes in our school and we all love the new equipment on the infant playground. Thank-you Miss Mason.

  19. Year 2 says:

    Amber – I think I have changed a lot this year because I have grown taller and my maths has improved a lot, especialy times tables!
    Jacob. S – This year my football skills have improved, as I am now older and taller.
    Mia – This year I think my maths has improved a lot.
    Satra – I would like to learn my 9 and 10 times tables ready for year 3.
    Holly – I would like to get better at swimming to be ready for swimming lessons in year 3.
    All of year 2 would like more rooms for extra clubs.

  20. Amber says:

    I think I’ve changed because my writing,maths,reading and drawing has improved.I want to change by trying my best at all times,maybe be a bit creative and being a bit more confident and helpful I want to make these changes so that I might be a better person.In our school to make it even better we could get more rooms for extra club and have more teachers.

  21. Anonymous says:

    We initially found it a bit tricky when trying to think about how we have changed this year- it’s hard to think about where we were all that time ago! But with the help of our teachers we started to think about all the things we have learnt, both inside and outside of school.
    Some of the things Foundation pointed out they have learned were:
    Lotte- I got really good at my sounds.
    Isla Br-I can ride my bike without stabilisers now.
    Mili- I found writing super tricky, but now it’s easy.
    Isla B- I can scoot on my scooter and stand on my tiptoes. Mommy is going to take me ballet class.
    Millie- I couldn’t write before. Now I can write- dad, dog, cat and millie.
    Joe- I started karate this year. I’m really good now- I even beat my brother.

  22. Lily Ellis says:

    This year I have changed a lot Because my running skills have got a lot better.

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