Rainbow Fish

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  1. Daniel H says:

    Today we went to Shirley Aquatics to see the fish. There were lots of different colours and sizes of fish, Daniel really liked the black fish with the big eyes! We also saw some snakes and helped rescue a tortoise that had flipped onto his back! Lots of fun.

  2. Adam Hoadley says:

    We took Adam to an aquatic centre we found by accident when on holiday this week. He saw cold water fish like the ones we have in our own pond (adam will tell you all of our pet fish names). Adam also saw lots of tropical fish which he learnt need warm water the strangest was called a glass fish which you could see thru -bones and all.

  3. Ross Little says:

    We went to Devon on holiday and Saw some fish in the sea we also went crabbing. We only caught 2 crabs this time, last time we caught 64! The bean had to come too as there was no one to look after it at home. It’s growing very well and is above the rim of the pot already. It’s taller than the sunflowers we planted.

  4. James says:

    In the half term holidays Jacob and I went to the beach. There was some baby jellyfish on the sand… We helped rescue them and put them back in the water.

  5. Isla Green's Mommy says:

    We took Isla and her little brother to the seaside at New Brighton today as part of a visit to her Granny and Grandad’s. It was very windy down on the beach but we put up our wind break, had a picnic and built a huge sand castle decorated with seashells. The tide was out but we walked all the way down to the water to look for fishes, we also saw lots of jellyfish on the sand and crabs caught by people “crabbing”. Then it was time for a big ice cream!!

    We will be visiting a marine life centre as part of our forthcoming holiday and will be on the lookout for more tropical fishes there….

  6. Alex says:

    We visited shirley aquatics over half term. Alex particularly liked the big koi fish, they kept coming up to the surface of the water looking for food, some of them were huge, and one was silver and Alex thought it looked like a ghost. We saw lots of different kinds of fish, some in cold water and some tropical fish that needed to be in warm water. Lots of different shapes and sizes. We saw stripy and spotty fish and ones with big googly eyes.

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