Whitsun Holiday

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  1. Jacob N says:

    I have enjoyed this term going to Twycross Zoo and learning about all the different animals.

    In the holidays I am going camping with my Uncle and Aunty with my brother James. I am looking forward to it.

    I love dinosaurs but in particular I love the T-Rex and the Alliasaurious.

  2. layton says:

    T-rex is the strongest dinosaur he can defeat triceratops. They fight when they see each other . I have 40 dinosaurs and 1 remote control dinosaur as well. Allosaurus I like he is a strong one aswell .I like the t-rex the most.

  3. Joel Kavanagh says:

    My favourite part was our trip to twycross zoo and seeing the gorillas!

    This half term we are going to the Cinema, meeting up with friends and if it’s not raining we’ll be going to the park and on bike rides!

    I’m looking forward to the dinosaur parent share afternoon after half term too, I love dinosaurs and I know that they are extinct.

  4. Meira says:

    Animals have different body shape. My favourite part was when we talked about the geraff because it has a long neck and it looks funny.
    During the holiday we are planning to go to Thomas land..
    I know that there is a T. Rex dinosaur and an allosaurus dinosaur.

  5. Tommy says:

    I have enjoyed learning about the animal kingdom, I especially liked our trip to Twycross Zoo.

    In the holidays I will be playing with my brother Charlie and my cousins.

    My favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex

  6. Layton Coates says:

    T-REX is the strongest he can defeat triceratops and he can almost get killed by the allosauraus. Triceratops can defeat another dinasour which is a baby dinosaur.

  7. Nathan says:

    I enjoyed learning about the animal kingdom but my favourite part was going to Twycross Zoo and the best animal was the gorilla, especially the massive one, he was like King Kong.
    At half term we went to visit my Godparents in Bournemouth and went to the beach, we also went to the gym, cinema, swimming, park visits, and played with lots of friends. I had a great week!
    I will really enjoys earning about dinosaurs, my favourite dinosaur is a spinosaurus, it is the largest carnivorous dinosaur and looks very scary!

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