Year 2 Blog 23.3.15

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  1. Ethan Brook says:

    This Easter on Friday I am going for a curry with my family. I am also going on an Easter Egg hunt with my friends in the holidays. I’m looking forward to eating lots of chocolate eggs!

  2. charlotte says:

    I really enjoy Easter because it’s fun to do lots of activities. I can’t wait until it’s Easter I’m so exited.

  3. Sophie f1 says:

    I am so exited for Easter because it’s so fun and I’m going on an Easter hunt and I can’t wait.

  4. holly says:

    Easter is so fun I get to eat eggs then after Easter I get gasshoes

  5. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I like the easter holidays because I get to spend time with my family and go on easter egg hunts. I also like it because I like eating the easter eggs, but first I have to find them!

  6. Lily Ellis says:

    I love Easter because I love chocolate and the Easter bunny comes and its one of the best times ever.

  7. charlie brown says:

    This monday I am going to the butterfly farm and next week I am going camping with my friends. next week I am going to watch my dad race on his motorbike at silverstone race track. next week I am going on a easter hunt and then I can eat all of the chocolate.

  8. Tianna-mae says:

    In the holidays I am going to Cornwall and going to see the rest of my famly that are Tilly,Troy,
    auntie Mel ,uncle Wayne, Kayle,Josh, jaciee ,James,leonie, lillybow and Minnie b. And also go on easter egg hunt in Perranporth

  9. Ronika Sharma says:

    I love Easter because i get to do a lot of Easter hunts with my family and we get to eat them

  10. phoebe says:

    On my Easter holidays I am going to go on holiday to Devon and I am going to stop in a lodge to see Billy and Betty beach ball.

  11. Charlie Brown says:

    whith my mom This week Iam going to the think tank with my mom and calum and hamish. tomrrow on thursday I am going to my child minder loo.

  12. Henry says:

    On my school holiday I got 3 easter eggs and a sword from Terraria because I don’t like chocolate that much.
    I went to the zoo with my Uncle Ade and my cousins and my best animal was the tiger.
    I went swimming at my Nanny’ Lynda’s and jumped in lots with my brother Joe.
    Today I went for a picnic with Jacob Shields in the park.
    I love school holidays a lot.

  13. Ethan Brook says:

    I have really enjoyed my holiday and the best bits have been climbing trees, going in rivers, going in the mud, playing football, spending time with my family and watching the film ‘Home’. I also loved riding my bike. Due to all the fun I was having I almost forgot to do my homework Miss Payne! I have also enjoyed a little bit of chocolate egg!!!!

  14. Amber Yr 2 says:

    in the Easter holidays I did lots of things.It was very fun collecting Easter eggs .I’ve had about 6 eggs. I did an activity at my grandma and granddads house.We went on an Easter egg hunt and it was extremely fun.I love eating chocolate because it is delicious.

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