Easter Time

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  1. madison aprile says:

    At Easter I am going on holiday to Cornwall and I am going to eat some hot cross buns. I think about when Jesus died on the cross and came back to life again.

  2. KAI Owen says:

    I wil be eating chocolate eggs and playing on the play station

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the Easter holiday I will be hunting for Easter eggs in the garden. I think of the Easter bunny putting eggs in every body’s garden. I will be eating lots of chocolate with my little sister Muna.

  4. Joel Kavanagh says:

    Easter time makes me think of when Jesus was on the cross. At Easter time we eat hot cross buns and hopefully some Easter eggs!
    In the Easter holidays we have some nice days out planned and I can’t wait to go to the safari park and see the dinosaurs. I am doing my grading for my orange belt at karate too!

  5. Ted Mitchell says:

    Ted will be eating hot cross buns and easter eggs. He will hopefully visit his aunty chris and do some exciting things with Daddy. On Easter Sunday Ted will have a family dinner with nanny and grandad.

  6. The Parry Boys says:

    We will be going on holiday to a log cabin and doing an Easter egg hunt.

    We hope we will be eating hot cross buns and Jacob is looking forward to eating some Easter eggs.

    We also hope to be celebrating getting our orange belts in karate.

    Our Easter holiday will be very busy!

  7. Khai Nguyen says:

    I am going to Yorkshire in our campervan called Heidi. I am also going to practice riding my bike and do some easter egg hunts. I think about when Jesus died on the cross at Easter. I will be eating hot cross buns and easter eggs!

  8. Darcy says:

    In the Easter holidays I’m going to the children’s hospital to see a special tummy doctor.
    I am going to see Frozen on Ice and I’m going to see Daddy’s friend Fireman Matt at his Fire Station and he is letting us go in his Fire Engine and spray the hose.
    On Easter Sunday me & Scarlett will have to find our Easter eggs that the Easter bunny has come and hidden! We will then enjoy eating them!

  9. Jamie Board says:

    Jamie is very excited about doing a Easter egg hunt on Easter morning, his looking forward to eating lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.

    Jamie’s going to be very busy over the holidays, family day trips out.. Meeting with school friends and seeing family.

  10. Tommy says:

    During the Easter holidays I will be eating lots of chocolate and playing with friends and family. Mommy is going to do an Easter Egg hunt for Charlie and I on Easter Sunday which I am excited about!. I also hope to be celebrating getting my orange belt in karate.

  11. KAI says:

    i will be eating Easter eggs and hotcros buns

  12. layton says:

    In the easter holiday, so I’m going to see my cosiness and I will be doing an easter hunt at darie land farm and I will be sleeping in a shake or a care van. happy Easter.

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