Cheswick Bookworms

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  1. Master Noah Joshua Wroughton says:

    On the website My fav book was the monkey pirate and grow your own gargoyle I liked it because they where both funny

  2. Lady Annabel Fluer Prins says:

    On the online reading my favourite book was “Grow your own Gargoyle”. It was very funny!!

  3. Toby says:

    I read a story called Dragon and it was a very intertresting book. It was a mystery book. My favourite part was when the dragon was about to eat the king. After that the king had set a trap for the dragon and the dragon fell to the floor and BANG he was captured! I recomend this online reading book for young children. I give this book a rating of 4 out of 5

  4. macy says:

    I enjoyed reading ladybird it tells you how ladybirds got there spots and the red on them i liked reading it!!!

  5. akothari says:

    I enjoyed reading the lady-bird book it was a good story and I liked it !

  6. Leo Baker 3c says:

    I enjoyed the story called the littel knight be

  7. Jai Sharma says:

    I liked the story called face paint. It was good because there was a disaster strikes which I like. I would give it 7/10 as it was good but not good enough for 10/10.What happens is that a boy go’s to a fayre with his grandad. He gets a face paint as a tiger and it looks really real as the paint had now dryed. When he looks in the mirror near a stand for games he sees his own face. He gets scared as it looks like a proper lion. So then he has to go round the whole fayre with his face behind his grandad’s back. So when he go’s on rides his face is covered lying still on his granad’s shoulder.

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