Assembly 29th April

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  1. Year 4 says:

    Year 4 think that on the whole, we shouldn’t choose whether or not we have homework. We like getting homework because it allows us to show off what our talents and capabilitues are at home. We enjoy knowing we are working hard towards our goal.

    Two children in the class thought that they should enjoy their time at home and instead have a test every Monday to show what that can remember about what they have learnt.

    All children in the class agreed that children who don’t do their homework should either miss golden time or their lunch times.

    One child in the class said that if children choose not to do homework then teachers should leave them to it because they’ll soon learn their lesson when they’re behind. Other children decided that children aren’t old enough to make this decision and they may get to age 15 and really wish the teachers had been more strict with them.

    Children agreed they like the fact that in year 4 they can do spare homework if they happen to lose theirs or find it too difficult to achieve. They felt they are taking control of their own learning in this way.

    Children all agreed they loved the rigid routines in the class, they know exactly what has to be in and when and the consequences if this does not happen. They are proud of their homework folders and their achievements.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No because thay mite choose esey work and thay wont learn anything.

  3. Jcarr year 3 says:

    I think that the the children should not chouse the homework because the techer knows what thing we need

  4. Faith.a says:

    If we could choose if we had homework and we chose to not have homework you wont remember what we have lernt and
    will not find it esey.
    If we did not choose to our homework and the teacher fond out they shoued have extva homework

  5. A.Agostinho 3c says:

    No because if the children choose they mite get esy homework.

  6. A.kothari. 3c says:

    miss mason I thing tat our teachars shoud chose because we don’t now how weve done and if you had esey work but you didn’t now how to do it you would strugle.

  7. amelia wilkins says:

    no I think we shuld not beabl to choos if we have home work.

  8. Harvey williams says:

    I thing the teachers should choose if we do homework or not because if we choose weer would choose silly homework and i
    can trust the teacher because she does nice homework.If the child does not choose not to do there homework then just send to mrs macen and just thet them dont learn.

  9. Holly. W says:

    I think They would get told of if they said im not doing it. If they would be aloud to choose home work they would choose easy home work so i think no.

  10. c bakewell 3c says:

    We should have home work because if we dont we wont learn and we shouldnt choose what home work we have because we mite choose easy home work.

  11. jjay3 says:

    i thic yes we shud picit

  12. Jack markey says:

    I think the tearchers shoud because they no if you need easy work or hard work and if the children chose they will chose easy work so i think the terchers shoud chosse

  13. lydia.varley says:

    I think that if people don’t do homework they get sent to Mrs Mason

  14. jacob says:

    We sould not be able to choose if they have homework because if someone said i dond want to do homework whats if there was some realy fin homework like make a prodgect you would be upset.

  15. Harrywitherspoon says:

    I think we should not make are own choice to get homework or not because if we was not given homework like maths and we didnt do it we wouldnt be a expert of maths and if you chose easy homework like colouring and if tou got court out in maths and you didnt know the awnser and you said I dont know the teacher would say well thats because you did easy homework then hard homework.

  16. e.jay says:

    I think that we shouldn’t get to choose are own homework because we wouldn’t learn anything and we would strugle
    with are work in class.

  17. Logan says:

    children should not choose to have homework

  18. Nathan Bradbury says:

    No becuase they will chose the esey work.

  19. simon says:

    yow shod not be allowed to not do home work

  20. akothari says:

    dear Miss mason ,

    I think that if a child does not do there home-work they will not get any golden time’or not be able to have play time. Because their parents will not now what they been up to in school .

    from anjali kothari

  21. class 6 says:

    Lots of year 6 thought that homework was more important when you are in upper key stage two as it helps to prepare children for secondary school. It was suggested by one pupil that it is good to sometimes have a choice in what the homework is. The class enjoyed the project set over Easter, when they could choose their own topic to research.

  22. class2 says:

    Year 2 think that homework is important to help them learn and think about what they have done in class. The children like having choices when it comes to homework. Some children like to choose to do their homework on the computer, for example on Mymaths, but others like to have the choice to do work in their homework book.
    All of the children thought it was important to do homework but felt that teachers help them to make good choices so that the work is not too easy.

  23. maddie says:

    no they shouldent beable to chose if they have homework or not because they need chalenging homework from the teacher.

  24. Amelia Nuttall says:

    Homework you need to do it because then you can learn.

  25. Lydia Prins says:

    They shouldn’t be able to choose if they have homework because when we get it , it gives us a chance to show what we know and not just learn at school learn at home as well. I think the teacher should make them loose golden time because it is not fair on the children who do their homework.

  26. 14AChana says:

    I think children should not choose if we have homework or not because most of them will say
    we should not have homework so we won’t learn as much.

  27. jack 4s says:

    We should be able to choose if we have homwork and we should have it because it helps to us learn.
    For every amount of homework children don’t do they loose ten muinets of golden time.

  28. 14JEllis says:

    I think that children should not chosse if we have homework because if we dont have homework we will not learn much.

  29. Megan says:

    No because children will pick easy homework.

  30. 14oharmer says:

    I think making the right choices is the best beacause you wont get in trouble.

  31. merik 4s says:

    we should not be able to choose if we nhave homework because we mite just keep saying no and they wont learn anything.
    for every peace of homework children dont do they mis 10 minutes of there golden time.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Children should not be able to choose if they have homework or not because everyone would say no.
    They should miss treat time if they do not do their homework. I like having homework because I can show off my work at home.

  33. 14ACowie says:

    everyone should do their homewok otherwise they should miss their playtime or lunchtime.

  34. a.r.w says:

    I like homework because it helps
    us learn to do it by ourself and it
    let`s us show our parents what
    we do at school.

  35. Kenzie says:

    Everyone should do there homework because they wont learn anything and we’ll miis out on loads of good things

  36. Foundation 2 says:

    Foundation 2 think they should have homework. . They think the teacher should choose the homework and if the homework is not done the teacher should speak to the child about it.

  37. Year 2 says:

    Year 2 think that homework is important to help us learn. Some of Year 2 think that children should be able to choose from different tasks but some think that everyone should do the same. Year 2 decided that choice of homework is good when an adult helps you choose.

  38. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 think that children should not have a choice about their homework. They think that everyone should complete their homework in playtime and Golden time if they do not do it at home.

  39. Year 3 says:

    Most of Year 3 think that they should not be able to choose if they have homework or not because homework helps their learning.
    Year 3 also think the teacher should encourage them to do their homework as it prepares them for secondary school.

  40. Year 6 says:

    Year 6 think that homework is particularly important in year 5 and year 6 as it helps to prepare children for secondary school. They like to sometimes have a choice in what they do for homework.

  41. Year 5 says:

    Moe than half of year 5 felt that they should have a choice over the knid of homework that they have.
    they suggested finishing homework in lunch or break times if it is not completed at home.

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