Blog – 21.5.15

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  1. tianna-mae says:

    my favourite movie is the book of life because i’ts a story about some people are great but some people are bad.

  2. Amber says:

    My favourite movie is The BFG it’s reall good to me . I’ve been to the cinema about 6 times. At the cinema I’ve watched The life of a tymthy green , Cinderella, Tinker bell and the never land pirate but I’ve forgotten the other ones .

  3. Daisy B says:

    I like Matilda it is film and you never know what is going to happen next. she is so clever !

  4. Ronika sharma y2 says:

    My favourite movie is santa paw 2 the dogs and it is just a really goo film. I have been to cinema.
    I have watch Cindrella, reack it ralph,mupets, smurfs, the planets of the plaets of the apes and despicable me.

  5. Lily Ellis says:

    My favourite films are Big Hero 6, Matilda and Paddington.

  6. Satra says:

    My favourite movie is Annie because it reminds me of my stranger danger and it sad because some people stolen Annie because they wanted to have a daughter .

  7. Lily Ellis says:

    My favirate movie is called Annie because Annie can not read in front of the whole croud that was there.

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