Blog 11.5.15

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  1. Lily Ellis says:

    I get pocket money from my mummy and my daddy and also my nanny on the Friday. I like spending it on sweets. I don’t have a bank account yet.

    • Miss Payne and Year 2 says:

      What’s the BEST sweet you like Lily? Mine is chocolate covered cherries or raspberries 🙂 YUM YUM

  2. Henry Yr2 says:

    I have pocket money from my Nanny every week and I have a job jar which I put money in when I do jobs to help my Mom. Sometimes I spend more than there is in my jar and sometimes I save for a long time.

  3. Amber says:

    I like to give my money to the poor. I earn pocket money for helping out at home.

  4. Ronika Sharma says:

    I like to spend my money on toys.

  5. Jacob Shields says:

    I love to save my money in my money box – but spend my Mom and Dads

  6. tianna-mae says:

    I urn my money by taking part in films. I save my money in the bank but I sometimes spend it.

  7. tianna-mae says:

    I earn my money by taking part in films for the TV and cinema. I save my money in my bank but sometimes I spend some. Grandad and my family gives me pocket money too. I like to spend my money on toys and when I’m on holiday ice cream at the beach!

  8. Amber says:

    I earn money for tidying my room , putting the train track away downstairs and helping mum dad my brothers and grandma and grandad.

  9. Satra says:

    Money is in potortent because if somTimse people leve there money they would get very poor.

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