Assembly 23 March

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  1. Meira says:

    I have enjoyed the Easter raffle the most. I also enjoyed making a book about town mouse and country mouse. I learned about London, some famous people, tricky words,music and today we learned about the sun eclipse when the moon was hiding the sun.

  2. Poppy J says:

    I have enjoyed doing science and everything else.

  3. Year 5 says:

    Harvey – I enjoyed the sewage investigation, because I liked using the sieves and filters to try and make the water cleaner.
    Jessica – I enjoyed doing the Maths topic ‘If the world were a village of 100 people’ because we found out that there were more girls than boys and the percentages of people on different continents was interesting.
    Emily – The parent share was fun because you were allowed to touch the different materials like jelly marbles and slime!
    Amelia – We enjoy our guitar lessons – our favourite song is Happy.
    Ariet – I liked everyone’s cushions for the enterprise and are raising a lot of money for our class.
    Faith – I enjoyed watching the solar eclipse and making an iMovie presentation based on this.

    We are excited to find out more about our next topic ‘Scream Machine’ next term!

  4. poppy and satra says:

    Poppy – I have enjoyed all the maths
    Satra – I have enjoyed the painting.

  5. Jacob and Blake says:

    We have enjoyed writing in English, and doing numbers in maths,and,science.

  6. eve and amelie says:

    i have enjoyed lots of maths what we have been doing this week and excited to learn more about stuff.

  7. Poppy J and Ronika S says:

    I enjoyed watching the solar eclipse and my dad saw it as well.
    It was not very dark but I like the solar eclipse and the moon was green Miss Rook bought a special tipe of glass.

  8. Amber and Lily says:

    The thing we enjoyed the most was making the year two garden.It was really fun making the pond for the garden.We learnt that a coconut is really a seed.We have learnt fractions.we are looking forward to go on holiday.We are looking forward to eating easter eggs.

  9. Jack and Henry says:

    Jack~I have enjoyed everything this term in Year 2!
    Henry~I have enjoyed everything in Year 2!
    Jack~ I have learnt how to make a compound word and i have learnt some more about phonics

  10. Lucy and Raja says:

    I enjoyed science week. I also enjoyed learning how to play the recorder.I enjoyed playing footie.

  11. phoebe says:

    I have enjoyed everything this half term and I wonder what we are doing next term? My favourite thing at the moment is hand writing.

  12. Year 6 says:

    Maddie – ‘I’m looking forward to SATS being over and Condovr Hall’
    Lydia – ‘I’ve enjoyed enterprise and selling cakes’
    Aman – ‘I’m looking forward to getting SATs out of the way next term’
    Abi – ‘This half term I have learnt about how an eclipse’
    Oliver – ‘I have learnt more about light based on my science project’

  13. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 said that the topics this term had been great fun. Ted, Sofia, Kai and Mollie said that ‘The Great Fire of London’ work was the best. Jamie said that he had enjoyed making the story book of ‘the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’. The afternoon cream tea was a real hit and so many children said they had enjoyed that. Jacob N said that he liked making the cucumber sandwiches and Tommy said that he had enjoyed the scone making. Everybody said that the eating bit was brilliant.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have enjoyed making our science projects and doing tennis in P.E.

  15. Jack 6A says:

    I’ve enjoyed doing the Science projects, I’ve learnt how a Solar Eclipse happens and I’m looking forward to getting SATS out of the way.

  16. Aman Chana says:

    I have enjoyed doing our enterprises this term. Each group was given £6 and made cakes or cookies with that £6 and tried to sell them and make a profit. I learned how a solar eclipse happens and why it happens. I am looking forward to SATs next term so I can get them out of the way.

  17. James says:

    I loved science week and I am looking forward to Condover

  18. louis says:


  19. maddie says:

    I’m looking forward to all the fun things we get to do after sats.

  20. Kenzie says:

    I’m looking forward to going to Condover 🙂

  21. layton says:

    I enjoy, ed the Easter Rafael and I was proud of my
    sister because she was picked out of the raffle tickets and she got an easter bunny and it was a chocolate bunny.

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