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  1. Eleanor says:

    First get a tray of soil and a plastic cup and make a cone shape around the cup using the soil.Then get a small packet of baking soda and pour it in the cup.Next get some fairy liquid add it in and pour in some water, add food colouring, pour in vingear and see what happens!

    My volcano did explode


  2. Edward Allberry says:

    The ingredients were baking soda, vinegar, food colouring, fairy liquid and water, and we also made the volcano out of soil. We put the soil round a cup. We added the baking soda to the cup followed by some water until it was three quarters of the way full. Then the teacher came and put some food colouring in. We stirred it and put in the fairy liquid. We let it rest for a bit and then we added the vinegar. Our volcano didn’t explode but the mixture started to rise and leak out.

  3. Samuel.H says:

    We needed to have baking powder, water, red food coloring and vinegar.First we made the sides of the volcano using compost then we put the cup in the middle of the volcano. After we put the baking powder in the cup we added water. The second last thing we did was to put the red food coloring in the cup and stir it all together. Finally we put the vinegar in the mixture then it exploded. Our volcano’s lava was runny and bubbly when it came down!

  4. 14hpaterson says:

    We used fairy liquid, food dye, compost, vinegar and water to make our volcanoes.
    We moulded the compost against a plastic cup to form a volcano shape.
    Our volcano did explode and we had great communication skills.

  5. marco says:

    we made volcanos we made the out of fairy liquid water vinger
    food die and it was humongus explosion it went of with a bang.

  6. marco says:

    we made a valcano,we used fairy liquid,food dye and vinegar and water
    it was a humungous explosion and it went off with a bang.

  7. Naomi.v. says:

    To make a volcano you need:
    bicarbonate of soda
    food colouring
    washing up liquid
    My volcano did explode and I really enjoyed it.

  8. Evie says:

    What did we need ?

    water, plastic cup, soil, baking soda, fairy liquid, food colouring, vinegar.

    What did we do?

    We were given a tray of soil. Then we gently placed the plastic cup in the middle of the soil .Next we put a drop of water in the cup.We also added a tea spoon of baking soda, a blob of fairy liquid, red food colouring and vinegar.

    Did your volcano explode?

    Yes, after we added the vinegar the volcano erupted.

  9. Ines says:

    what did we need?

  10. Ines says:

    What did we need?
    We need vinegar clean mud, red liquid that makes it explode, a green thing that didn’t really smelled at anything.
    What did we make?
    We made lots of volcanoes in a group of 4, we made them explode it was epic, awesome and fantastic I think we all worked hard enough.
    Did your volcano explode?
    My group’s volcano explode I thought my group’s volcano explodes the most lava.

  11. Tyler Inman says:

    I loved making the volcanos we used vinegar , fairy liquid, baking soda and water I don’t like the smell of vinegar so the rest of my group pored it in,it was SOOOO fun especially when ours kept on going in the end it looked like a marshmallow it was the best thing I had ever done

  12. stanley croton says:

    First we needed soil and a cup.
    Secondly we put baking soda, fairy liquid, colouring and vinegar in the cup.
    Then the big explosion.

  13. Sabian Kirk says:

    On Thursday we made our volcanos! We used compost for the outside of the volcano and used a plastic cup as the magma chamber. Next we put white baking powder inside, then we put a small amount of water inside as well. We then added a small amount of washing up liquid, after that we poured in some red food colour this was to make it look like real lava. Finally we added the vinegar which reacted with the powder and caused a explosion. It was great fun.

  14. Beata says:

    We needed some fairy liquid, vinegar, compost and a cup. First we built the compost around the cup, then we put the fairy liquid in. Next we put are trays down on the playground and added the vinegar in. Also my volcano exploded and some went on the egde. I would like to do it again:-)

  15. Chloe Cash says:

    we needed to try and make the volcano out of mud. First we got a tray with soil and made it into a cone shape. Next we got some baking soda and put it into the volcano. Then my team added some water to the volcano and it mixed with baking soda. After that my team added the fairy liquid. Finally we added the vinegar and the volcano finally erupted.

  16. 14mrehman says:

    Firstly, we had to collect all the ingredients which were bicarbonate of soda, food colouring, water, washing up liquid and vinegar. We then had to put the bicarbonate of soda inside the plastic cup which was surrounded my mud. Then we put a little bit of water inside it too. After that, we added some of the washing up liquid and poured in some red/pink food colouring that made it look like actual lava. Finally, we added vinegar so that it reacted with the bicarbonate of soda which caused a explosion! Our explosion was definitely quite big!


  17. charlie says:

    First we bilt the volcanoa aroud a cup then we aded some baking powder andthen we aded the fariy likwid then we put them on the floor and then every group put the vinger in and the ecsploshon was epic.

  18. Toby says:

    We used vinegar, water, baking powder, food colouring and fairy liquid to make our volcanoes.

    We mixed them all together and it made a massive eruption.

  19. james says:

    I like how you set the pichurs out

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