Blog 3.3.15

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  1. Ronika Sharma says:

    In science I loved learning about seeds and I am looking forward to the coconut challenge !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tianna-mae says:

    In science I have loved gardening. I had a gob of filling the pond up.

  3. holly b says:

    I like when I help to do the pond with Amber ,Charlie , Daisyb and Mrs Payne my teacher.

  4. Amber says:

    I loved making the pond when I put some water in the pond.When we dug a hole we found lots of worms and we made a worm home.I am very excited about the coconut challenge!!!!!

  5. Poppy J says:

    In science i loved leaning about seeds and i am looking forward to the coconut challenge!In science i have loved garden.

  6. phoebe says:

    I love science because we can plant some seeds and I love it because you can have pretty flowers in the corner.

  7. charlie brown says:

    I have loved dong science this week and I am looking forard for the coconet chalenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lily Ellis says:

    Germination means it starts to grow and begins to shoot.

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