29th November 2021

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  1. Mrs Arnold says:

    In Year 2 we spoke all about our advent calendars.

    Aiden – has a chocolate calendar with Santa on and a sleigh and elf
    Molly – has a malteaser calendar
    Lois – Has a stocking calendar with fur on it
    Gracie – has a barbie one
    Jenny – has a chocolate calendar showing Santa’s workshop

    Imogen – has her Christmas tree up and it has baubles on it
    Zac – has his tree up with pink baubles and tinsel
    Melheia – has her tree up, it has pink sparkly baubles and a star

    We are very excited that the first advent candle will be lit this week in Church.

  2. s14smiah says:

    Year 6:
    What have you learned about Advent?
    Archie – some people use advent calendars to count down the weeks till Christmas.
    Georgia – I have learnt what all of the different candles mean.

    What do the four candles represent?
    Lexi and Anaya – Love, hope, joy and peace

    When is the fifth candle lit?
    Alice – when the sun goes down on Christmas Eve

    Do you do anything special to celebrate Advent?
    James – we open our advent calendars and eat the chocolate that is inside
    Eva – all my family comes round

    Lots of children in Year 6 have an advent calendar.
    What does your calendar have on it?
    Riley – Lindor
    Milly – Pretty Little Thing and toblerone
    Fearne – Galaxy Chocolate
    Hannah – Harry Potter
    Connor – Dairy Milk

    Have you got a Christmas Tree yet?
    Lots of us have already put our tree up. We are excited to get into the Christmas Spirit and start decorating the house. Lots of us have outside Christmas lights up in our house.

  3. 14vwilson says:

    What have we found out about Advent?
    Poppy-Mai- it’s about getting ready
    Georgia- candles are lit

    What do the candles represent?
    Noor-Ul- hope
    Ethan- love
    Courtney- joy
    Alex- peace
    And a fifth candle is lit to remember Jesus- the light of the world

    How do we get ready?
    Max- we decorate our houses
    Poppy-Mai- we write and send cards
    Charlie R- we put up a Christmas tree
    Matthew- food is prepared
    Edward- we see family and friends
    Matilda- write a letter to Santa
    Phoebe/ Finley- we open advent calendars

  4. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 spoke about Advent with Mrs McManus. Annabelle said that Advent is about the coming of Jesus. Morwenna said there are 3 purple candles, 1 pink and 1 white candle.
    Elsie said the candles stand for hope, love, joy and peace.

    Year 1 said they have chocolate advent calendars and Matilda told us she has a calendar with toys in. We are all excited and looking forward to counting down the days to Christmas.
    Kyton said he has a special glass bauble that Father Christmas can see him through!
    Elsie said she made some yummy mince pies but they have all been eaten so she is going to make some more!

    Charlie has an advent calendar with Santa on and chocolates inside. Maddie has a calendar with Bath bombs in.

    Most of year 1 have put their trees up and have decorated their house for Christmas.

    We are all excited to be visiting St James’s church tomorrow to hear about the story of the very First Christmas.

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