Assembly 22nd November

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  1. s14smiah says:

    What do you think respect means?
    Georgia – when you are kind to people and you do nice things for them.
    Ollie – people can show their respect in different ways.
    Riley – you have to show respect when listening to other people’s ideas especially if they are different to yours.

    How do you show respect towards other people?
    Riley – listening to others
    Alice – holding the door for them
    Hannah – try to understand people’s opinions
    Anaya – say please and thank you
    Dylan – smile at people

    How do people show you respect?
    Zeb – they listen to your opinion and basically the same way that you show people respect, is how they show it to you.

    How do you make sure people show you respect?
    Archie – make sure that you are respectful to them and then hopefully they will show you respect too.

    Why do we need respect?
    Ava – so the world can be a nicer place
    Zack – so everyone is kind to each other and so that we enjoy the place we live in

  2. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 enjoyed assembly today. Na’Taiyah said that showing respect is when we all take care of each other. Rosie said respect is when we are considerate of others.

    Mason said you can show respect by being kind to others.
    Kady said you can use good manners.
    Amelia said you can share with others and play nicely together.
    Charlie said it is when you are helpful and you smile at others.

    We must show respect to police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers and army officers.

    We talked about how different people follow different religions and that we all need to respect their beliefs even if it is different to our own beliefs.

    Year 1 talked alot about treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Year 5 think it is very important to try and show respect for others at all times.

    What does respect mean?

    Charlie – it means you should be kind to others.
    Danny – when you listen to others and respect their opinion.
    Dexter – even if you disagree with someone, we should still be kind and caring.

    How do Year 5 show respect to others?

    Nathan – include people at all times.
    Zunnurain – we are not to mean to other people.
    Sophie – always ask others to join in.
    Charlie – smile at others and always try and make people happy.

    We think that you should respect everyone no matter what type of job they do. Everyone should feel respected at work or at school.
    If someone has a different religion or opinion to us, we know we should respect them no matter what. Year 5 are learning about this in PSHE in our ‘Celebrating Difference’ Jigsaw piece.

  4. Year 3 says:

    Year 3 talked about what respect means. We said it is treating people kindly. We are all different and we have different ideas and beliefs but everyone should be treated nicely and we we should treat everyone with respect. We can show people respect by listening to others when they talk, open doors for people and treat our environment well by not dropping litter.

    We should respect everyone but there are some people who do jobs which really help people and we should show them respect for the jobs that they do such as nurses, doctors and firemen.

    Treating people as you wish to be treated is extremely important because it models the behaviour that we expect from others.

  5. 14vwilson says:

    What does respect mean?
    Matilda- you look up to someone
    Finley- show respect with good manners
    Joe- you think about your actions
    Courtney- being polite
    Georgia- caring for people

    How do you show respect?
    Noor-Ul- you look after equipment
    William- listening well
    Alex- treating people as you would like to be treated
    Charlie T- preserving things…like the environment
    Poppy-Mai- helping

    How do people show you respect?
    Libby- opening a door for me or giving me cuddles and kisses
    Ben B- listen and don’t talk over other people

    We all agreed that EVERYONE in EVERY job needs to be respected.

  6. Mrs Arnold says:

    What is respect?

    Aiden – Looking after people
    Molly G – Being kind to each other

    How do you show respect –

    Lukas – Help other people
    Imogen W – Care for others

    How do people show you respect –

    Lois – Help and for me
    Jenny – When I fall over, people help me
    Molly – People ask me if I’m ok?

    Who are the people you should respect because of their job –

    Flossie – Respect the police because they can put you in jail
    Liliana – Respect everyone’s job, everyone is important
    Charlie G – People fighting in the war

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