15th November

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  1. s14smiah says:

    Year 6
    What emotions was Lucy feeling on her way to school?
    Charlie – loved, happy and excited.

    How did this make Lucy feel when people were muttering about her?
    Riley – she felt upset because they looked at her and laughed and said that her hair bobble was rubbish.

    What else happened to make Lucy’s day change?
    Keeyen – she bumped into an older boy and he told her to ‘WATCH OUT!’ and pushed her over. This made her feel worse.

    Anaya – someone hid her pen on the shelf so she couldn’t get it.

    Do you think Lucy was being bullied?
    James – yes because people kept on being mean to her and whispering things about her which kept hurting her feelings.

    Why do you think this?
    Georgia – I think this because she continued to get bullied throughout the day and people were saying rumours about her.

    Did Lucy do the right thing to stop the bullying? What did Lucy do?
    Elijah – no because she didn’t tell the teacher

    What do you think are the most important things to do if ……….

    You are being bullied?
    Lily-Mae – tell a teacher

    If you see someone else being bullied?
    Ellis – tell a teacher and try and tell them to stop and stick up for the person

  2. Anonymous says:

    Year 5 discussed Monday mornings assembly.

    On her way to school, Dexter said that Lucy was feeling excited and happy.
    Imogen said she was feeling happy and smiley.

    Ellie felt that Lucy would have been unhappy when people were muttering about her.
    Dexter – disliked.
    Sebastian – sad and lonely.

    Someone took her pen which changed her day and someone else pushed her over.

    Year 5 felt that Lucy was being bullied as people continued to be mean to her.
    Lucy didn’t do the right thing as she didn’t tell anyone what was happening to her.

    Nathan said we must tell a trusted adult if it is happening to us and make sure we do not keep it to ourselves.
    We should do the same if we see it happening to anyone else.

  3. s14dnorris says:

    Year 2:
    What emotions was Lucy feeling on her way to school?
    Molly B – Happy and glad on her way to school.

    When Lucy got to school the first thing that happened when she walked past some girls from her class was she heard one of them mutter to the others. How did this make Lucy feel?
    Emma – It made Lucy feel sad.
    Charlie G – She was upset because boys hid her pencil.

    We talked about that Lucy was being bullied and what we should do if we are being bullied and the children said that we should tell someone like a teacher or a parent.

  4. s14RMitchell says:

    Year 3 think that if a person feels like they are being bullied, they must:
    Hollie thinks that it is important to tell a ‘trusted’ adult. This means, a teacher or a parent or grown ups in your family.
    Dylan would try and ignore the bullies, and ask them to stop.

    If anyone in Year 3 saw another pupil being bullied they would:
    Indiya would speak out!
    Maya would tell a teacher.
    Rio would help by asking the bully to stop.
    Mohammed would be kind to them and ask them if they wanted to talk.
    Luke would invite them to play with him.
    Gwen would ask them if they were OK.

  5. 14vwilson says:

    In Year 4, we had a very grown up conversation about being kind to others and not hurting people’s feelings on the inside, or physically on the outside.
    We agreed that bullying was repeatedly hurting someone. We agreed that being rude or mean wasn’t acceptable at any time, but that a one off act of unkindness does not mean bullying.

    The children had many ideas about talking to trusted adults if they were being bullied.

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