1st November

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  1. Mrs Arnold says:

    2AB Recipe for friendship

    2 tablespoons of looking after each other
    A pinch of love
    1 handful of playing together
    1 litre of kindness
    3 heaped tablespoons of joy
    A squirt of happiness
    A sprinkle of sharing
    100g of turn taking

    We talked about what makes a friend. We talked about sometimes wanting time alone and that is ok. As long as your friends understand.

    We talked about hoping to be friends for a long time but understanding that sometimes some friends in each life phase carry through.

    We enjoyed the X factor clips and thought Chrissie did the right thing.

  2. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 told me that when they sang on the XFactor one member of the group Chrissie was better than the others and was asked to sing again. She was upset as she didn’t want to leave her friends but she sang again and got through to the next round. When she had finished her friends had all left without her and not supported her.

    We made a recipe for friendship:
    2 tablespoons of kindness,
    A pinch of fun,
    1 handful of love,
    1 litre of playing nicely,
    3 heaped tablespoons of sharing,
    A squirt of patience,
    A sprinkle of happiness.

    We discussed whether we would be friends with someone forever and the children said that this might happen but not always as sometimes your path in life might take you down another road.
    Year 1 said they try to be friends with everyone but sometimes there are people you get on better with than others because you share the same interests.
    We all agreed you can be friends again after you fallout. You just need to say sorry and make up.

  3. s14smiah says:

    What happened to the band ‘Twisted’ on the X Factor?
    Ava – the band got rejected as a group but one of the singers got asked to audition as a solo. Initially her friends encouraged her but then they were horrible and left without giving her a lift home.

    Do you think Chrissie’s bandmates behaved well? Why?
    Lily – No because they encouraged her to audition as a solo but then left her without a lift home. They also left her keys and money unattended and I think this is rude and not a good friend.

    Just like a delicious cake friendships need lots of ingredients and a lot of work to make them good.

    Will you always be friends forever?
    Keeyen – yes and no because sometimes things change such as moving schools or house.
    Tom – sometimes people grow apart and have different interests and that’s ok.

    Can you be friends with everyone?
    Alice – Mostly yes because you can be kind to everyone but there are some mean people in the world.

    Can you be friends again after you have fallen out?
    Zeb – yes definitely because you can make up and move

    Our class recipe for friendship:

    2 tablespoons of kindness
    A pinch of laughter
    A handful of respect
    1 litre of love
    3 heaped tablespoons of loyalty
    A squirt of care
    A sprinkle of generosity
    100g of helpfulness

  4. 14vwilson says:

    We had a really good discussion in Year 4 about being friends especially at ‘tricky times’, eg. when we are unhappy with each other or fallen out. We talked about these times testing our friendships and the strength we need to show to work things out.
    Charlie T- we need to show respect
    Courtney- communication is important
    Ben B- compromise
    Alex- being fair and letting others talk

    Our poem…
    2 tablespoons of kindness
    A pinch of respect
    A handful of love
    1 litre of helpfulness
    3 heaped tablespoons of communication
    A squirt of grace
    A sprinkle of happiness
    100g of compromise.

  5. Year 5 says:

    Twisted the band
    – on X factor on e girl was asked to stay and the others were sent home. Her friends weren’t supportive. They left her and they were her lift and had her house keys. They also sent her mean messages online.

    We think that Christie’s band mates behaved horribly. They were mean and unsupportive and real friends would have helped and supported her and stayed.

    Recipe for friendship
    -2 tablespoons of love
    -a pinch of positivity
    -a teaspoon of politeness
    -a bucketful of kindness
    -a litre of teamwork
    – a sprinkle of selflessness
    – a squirt of trust
    – 100g of honesty

  6. year 3 says:

    Year 3 recipe for being a good friend:
    – To always have a smile
    – To be kind
    – To play with lots of people at breaktime and lunch
    – To share
    – Be helpful

    Sometimes you can stay friends with one or two people from primary school. – Hollie
    You can always be friends with each other after you have fallen out.
    You can’t always play with everybody like friends would but you can be friendly to everyone around you. – Maya.

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