27th September 2021

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  1. s14smiah says:

    What do you think a bully does?
    Lily – this is when someone hurts you over and over again. This could be physically or emotionally.

    Why do you think people bully?
    Alice – I think some people bully because they are jealous of you or what you have
    Isla – because they are hurt themselves
    Archie – because they have a hard life themselves

    Why should you SPEAK OUT?
    Neil – so that people don’t get bullied

    Who can help you if you are being bullied?
    Ava – teachers, family and even the police if it gets that bad
    James – a carer or a trusted adult

    What is the message these posters are all giving ?
    Georgia – DON’T BULLY
    Lily – stand together to stop bullying

    Which poster is your favourite? Why?
    Ellis – A friend a day keeps bullying away because your friends are there to help
    Riley – stand up and stay strong because I like the pictures to show strength together

    • 14vwilson says:

      Year 4 liked the posters too.
      We liked your idea about standing together to stop bullying. We recognised that this was a very similar message to the one footballers are trying to make about stopping racism.

  2. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 were very interested in listening and learning about bullying. Morwenna said that bullying is when someone hurts you physically or hurts your feelings and they keep on doing it. Matilda said bullying is when someone is unkind over and over again. Jack said it is when people are mean to you saying mean things and they do it everyday.
    We talked about why people might bully. Rosie said it might because people are unhappy themselves. Kyton said it might because they are being bullied themselves. Na’taiyah said it might be because they are sad and upset.
    All the children in Year 1 thought it was important that we SPEAK OUT to stop bullying happening in our school. Year 1 understand that bullying is about continually doing something to someone which makes them upset or hurts them physically or to their feelings. They promised that they would tell the teachers or a trusted adult if they were being bullied or if they could see another child being bullied by someone.
    Year 1 came up with the following suggestions about who could help. My teachers (Alex), Mum and Dad (Dexter), lunchtime supervisors (Rosie), Nan and Grandad (Elsie), older brothers and sisters (Charlie) and other trusted people.

    The messages in these posters tell us to speak up and out to stop bullying and the fact that it needs to be stamped out and stopped as it is mean and unkind. Nobody should be treated this way. The posters encourage kindness in all and tell us to be a good friend. we all liked the posters but especially the super hero one. Year 1 are going to try and make their own poster this week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    William described bullying as repeatedly being unkind.

    What do you think a bully does?
    Matilda- They are mean to people and they keep doing it.
    Jenson- They do things in secret so they aren’t told off.
    Edward said this was cowardly and we all agreed!
    Georgia- They upset people when no-one is looking.

    Why do people bully?
    Charlie T- He thinks they sometimes do it because they are scared of you.
    Max- Sometimes they are jealous.
    Elliot responded sensitively and thought that bullies are sometimes upset themselves.
    As a class we discussed this. We agreed that bullying of any kind was unacceptable but maybe the bully needed some help and support.
    Courtney- They bully to try and impress you sometimes.

    Why should we speak out and who to?
    Charlie T- If we don’t speak out it is like a dot that grows bigger and bigger and we worry more.
    Georgia agreed that the situation would grow bigger if we didn’t talk to someone.
    Ethan- We should speak to teachers.
    Archie- We should speak to friends we trust.
    Matthew- We should talk to our parents.
    Libby- We should talk to any adult we trust.

    The children have been inspired to design their own anti-bullying posters during their lunch hour!

  4. Year 3 says:

    In year 3 we talked about what bullying is. We chatted about how bullying is when someone is very unkind to someone repeatedly. In ICT we have been learning about cyber-bullying which is when people are unkind online.

    We said people bully because they are very mean or perhaps someone has been unkind to them so they take it out on other people.

    We loved the posters and we all had our favourites.

    Some of year 3 have been creating our own anti-bullying posters on the computer.

  5. Mrs Arnold says:

    In Year 2 we watched the Big Anti-bullying assembly. We discussed the word anti and what it meant.

    We learnt a lot about what to do if you are being bullied. What discussed what it is like to be born with differences and how we should celebrtae them, not make fun of them.

    We have been working on being kind in class.

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