20th Sept

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  1. s14smiah says:

    What colour is it?
    Ada – grey

    What does it look like?
    Tom – soft and lumpy
    Lily – bigger than your fist

    How much of it is water?
    Charlie – 80%

    What does it control?
    Alice – your whole body (thoughts, movement etc)

    How do you fuel your brain so that it can keep going?
    James – food and water

    How do you recharge your brain?
    Milly – by sleeping
    Keeyen – sleeping for 8 hours

    How much does it weigh?
    Anaya – 3 pounds (1 and a half bags of sugar)

    Archie – The picture shows neurons and these send messages around in your brain. If you do something multiple times, the pathway gets stronger and you will find it easier.

    How can you make your brain stronger?
    Dylan – learning new things
    Keeleigh – saying ‘I can’ helps your brain to believe you can do it
    Tom – you have make mistakes to learn new things

  2. Mrs Arnold says:

    What facts did you find out about your brain?
    How much does it weigh?
    Molly G weighs the same as 2 and a half bags of sugar.

    How much of it is water?
    Teddy said the brain is made up of 80% of water.

    What does it look like?
    Mellieha said it is a fist shape.

    What colour is it?
    Charlie G said it was small and grey.

    How do you fuel your brain so that it can keep going?
    Sadie said you need to eat and drink to refuel your brain.

    How do you recharge you brain?
    Imogen said you need to sleep.

    Mrs Arnold said that mindfulness and meditation is very good for your brain and helps to recharge.

  3. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 enjoyed finding out about their brains. Elsie told us the brain weighs 3lbs. Charlie said our brain is grey. Morwenna said our brains are lumpy and the size of our fist. Chloe said that our brains control our bodies.
    Chloe C said that we need to give our brain good food and water to keep it healthy. We talked about the importance of eating breakfast before we come to school to make sure our brain is ready to learn and take on lots of new information.
    Dorothy said that the way we recharge our brain is to sleep. We talked about getting 8 hours of good sleep so we are ready to start a new day of learning.
    I reminded Year 1 of the words neurons and we talked about how these neurons grow and how they connect. Thomas said that the more you practice things the stronger your brain gets and you can do things well just like being on a motorway. ‘You can be fast at learning.’ Kyton.
    The most important thing that we all know from this morning’s assembly is that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! We are all going to practice, practice, practice to make sure we all improve when we are at school and at home.

  4. 14vwilson says:

    Year 4 really enjoyed these fascinating facts about the brain. Edward was able to tell us lots of extra facts about the brain helping our short term and long term memory.
    Jenson remembered it was grey.
    William remembered the percentage of water.
    Archie talked about sleep recharging our brain muscle.
    Madison said food and water were important for our brains.
    Elliot talked about ‘practice makes perfect’ and how he thinks it should be ‘practice makes the brain and skills stronger because perfection is too hard to achieve.

    We also discussed how our brains have a dominant side. We talked about the practical. scientific side of the brain and the more artistic, create side.
    We are excited to watch a short video we have found showing the neurons connecting in the brain.

  5. nik says:

    Nikos said it is important to sleep during night time.

  6. flo says:

    To make my brain stronger I need to drink water/eat healthy/exercise and sleep.

  7. molg says:

    To make my brain stronge I need to drink water and eat healthy sleep exercise and practice things again and again.

  8. sad says:

    To make my brain stronger I need to drink water and eat healthy andexercise.

  9. ell says:

    To make my brain stronger I need to drink water and food and exercise and you can have a walk.

  10. fin says:

    To make my brain stronger i need to practice phonics.

  11. Year 3 says:

    Year 3 loved learning about the brain!

    We learnt that a brain weighs three pounds and it is grey. It looks like a walnut! Our brain controls our whole body. We need to fuel our brain with food and water.

    It is really important to recharge our brain by making sure that we get lots of sleep.

    In class we have been talking a lot about the need to keep practising, things and the assembly reminded us of why this is so important. It strengthens the pathway between neurons.

    In year 3 we are going to keep making our brain stronger by exercising it with lots of new learning!

  12. miss haines says:

    Facts about our brain
    -it is grey
    -works faster than race cars
    -it is the size of your fist (a bit bigger)
    -more than 1million brain cells

    We can fuel our brain by
    -food and water
    -by learning

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