13th September 2021

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  1. s14smiah says:

    What does the word challenge mean?
    Lily – when you try something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone
    Alice – a challenge could be a hard competition

    What do you think is your greatest challenge at the moment?
    Zeb – making a game on scratch that keeps breaking
    Alice – school work
    Archie – my 11+ test
    Riley – having to look after my younger cousins
    Elijah – learning about chemistry

    What do you do if you have a challenge?
    Lexi – try your best at all times
    Isla – don’t think negative thoughts – think positively
    Elijah – work hard and study hard

    Are challenges worth it? Why
    Riley – any challenge is worth it because you can work towards achieving something

    How to change your mindset:
    1.You’ll never do it —– I’m going to do this – there is nothing stopping me
    2.Not in a million years —– not in a million years because I’m going to get it now
    3.Hahaha —— just ignore it and you can do it
    4.Dreamer —– Practise makes perfect

    ‘Don’t listen to the troll’ means not to listen to any negative thoughts you may have about not trying a challenge.

    1) Don’t listen to the troll
    2) Put on your armour
    3) Never give up

  2. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 said that challenge means to have a go at something that might be different or difficult for you. We talked about our greatest challenges at the moment.
    Jake said his was to get to high diamond.
    Esme said to get better at karate.
    Brooke said to ride her bike without stabilisers.
    Reggie said to tie his show laces.
    Minnie said to get better at balancing on her bike.
    If we have a challenge this is what we do: think carefully about it Amelia), be positive (Thomas),
    do your best (Jack) and keep on trying until you succeed (Rosie)
    All of year 1 said that challenging yourself is definitely worth it as you are really pleased with yourself when you are successful.
    Put on your armour means that you have to rise above people telling you that you won’t be able to do something (Elsie).
    The three most important things to remember are
    1. Don’t listen to the troll.
    2. Put on your armour (you need to be ready)
    3. Don’t give up – keep on going until you succeed.

  3. Year 3 says:

    We talked about what a challenge is and Mohammed said it was something that might be tricky. Year 3 shared their greatest challenges and Holly K shared that it was when she had to ride a big pony. Ethan said that when we have a challenge, it is really important to keep trying. Dylan told everyone that it is good to have a challenge because it will make our brain stronger and Mohammed said it will make us smarter. We mustn’t listen to the trolls because they give us negative thoughts. Putting on your armour means not listening to the trolls and protecting yourself from the negative thoughts. It is important to keep believing and not to give up.

  4. 14vwilson says:

    We really enjoyed today’s assembly on challenges. We particularly loved the idea of wearing our armour and believing in ourselves no matter what! We call our inner voice our chimp inside and we’ve talked a lot about listening to our positive inner voice.

    What does challenge mean?
    Charlie T- sometimes something you have learned, but then something more
    Charlie R- Doing something to get better- I challenge myself on my stunt scooter
    Finley- facing something you aren’t so comfortable with, like tricks on my scooter

    What’s your biggest challenge at the moment?
    Archie- learning to balance when snowboarding
    Matilda- learning to sew
    Matthew- getting back to my sleep routine
    Libby- learning to knit

    Are challenges worth it?
    Finley- yes because you feel positive
    Edward- those who don’t try a challenge are cowards

    We talked about the amazing achievements of Emma Raducanu at the weekend winning the US tennis open and all the challenges she had been faced with. We discussed using our growth mindset ideas to help us overcome any challenges.

    Charlie R- we must always keep trying!

  5. Mrs Arnold says:

    What does the word challenge mean?
    Molly B – Its new and it looks hard to you.

    What do you think is your greatest challenge at the moment?
    Lukas – Wearing my splint.
    Gracie – Having a wobbly tooth.

    What do you do if you have a challenge?
    Imogen A – You have to perservere.

    Are challenges worth it? Why
    Yes we all thought its worth it. You look at the girl who won the US Open.

    The Troll is someone in our head we shouldnt listen to.
    The Angry birds are a sign that you should never give up.

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