6th September

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  1. s14smiah says:

    What are you looking forward to most this school year?
    James – learning new Maths
    Lily – Overnight school trips
    Lexi and Georgia – sitting on the benches in assembly
    Riley – bouncy castle
    Ellis – school football team
    Alice – rounders

    How can you help everyone who is new to our school feel welcome?
    Let them play with you, show them around, if they are hurt then help them and look after them, chat to them, introduce yourself.

    How can we make our school the best it can be?
    Kindness, being respectful, make kind gestures, helping everybody and being a role model.

    Can you remember any of the wise things Confucious said?
    Listen to others with your ears
    Always play fair
    Use your eyes to see

    Which of these do you think are most important as we start this new school year?
    All of these wise words are important to start a new school year successfully

  2. Year 1 says:

    Lots of year 1 children said they were most looking forward to learning this year. Rosie said she was looking forward to going into the hall to eat lunch.
    We can help people new to our school by being kind (Esme), by being friendly (Morwenna), by playing with each other (Kyton), by being helpful (Jake) and by smiling (Maddie).

    We can make our school the best it can be by always doing our best and behaving well and being kind at all times.

    Year 1 loved the story and said that Confucious’s wise words were
    – playing fairly with others. (Esme)
    -using your eyes to see wonderful things. (Dorothy)
    – using your ears for good listening. (Jake)
    – to always wear a friendly smile. (Kyton)
    -to be polite and well mannered. (Dexter)
    – to always tell the truth. (Morwenna)
    -to make sure you behave in a way like you would expect others to treat you. (Chloe)

    Year 1 think that all of these wise words are important as we start this new year.

  3. Year 3 says:

    Year 3 talked about what we are looking forward to in year 3.
    Reuben – learning new things
    Jack – harder Maths
    Pippa – English work

    We have two new children in our class so we chatted about how we are making them feel welcome by playing with them, being kind and helping them.

    Being kind, and following the rules will make our school a better place.

    We loved Miss Mason’s story. We talked about the wise words that were said within the story:

    Play with others
    Use your eyes to see wonderful things
    Don’t lie
    Don’t be jealous of others
    Be kind to others

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