8th June 2021

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  1. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    Do you know any names of any oceans?
    Arctic Ocean

    Have you ever been in the ocean? How did it feel?
    Lots of children in Year 5 have been lucky enough to have been in the sea.
    Lily said the water was room temperature when she went in and she was worried about getting eaten by a shark!
    Jacob said the water was very very cold!
    Ava said the water was very very warm.
    Georgia said the water was refreshing.
    Ollie said the water was cold and choppy.
    Dylan said the water was warm.

    What is happening to our beaches and oceans because of thoughtless people?
    Jack – sea creatures are dying because people are leaving lots of litter on our beaches.

    What will happen to the wildlife if this continues?
    Alice – they will die because of too much pollution.

    What can we do to help?
    Elijah – recycling plastic
    Alice – take your rubbish home
    Zeb – make more biodegreadable items
    Isla – use a refillable water bottle

  2. miss haines says:

    Ocean names:

    We have been in the Ocean and it felt AMAZING! We really like to go body boarding, paddle boarding, swimming and crabbing.

    We have seen the Ocean in France, Cornwall, Devon, Spain, Greece, Florida and Thailand.

    Creatures that live in the Ocean: crabs, seals, dolphins, clown fish, sharks, manatees, jelly fish, turtles, shrimp, sting rays, seahorse, whales and walruses.

    Littering and pollution is happening. The wildlife will be hurt if this continues.

    We can help by picking up our litter and other people’s litter, reuse plastic bags rather buying new ones, cut down our use of plastic.

  3. year 4 says:

    Year 4 could name lots of oceans including Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian ocean.

    Some of us had been to the seaside over half term. Ellie described the ocean as calming because she likes to look at the waves.
    Harry W went on a dingy over half term and loved it! Harry T likes to relax near the sea and Scarlett likes to build sandcastles on the beach. We all agreed that seeing lots of rubbish on the beach makes us feel very sad. We talked about how dangerous rubbish in our oceans is for animals. There are lots of beautiful creatures that live in the sea such as whales, dolphins, crabs and sting rays.

    We can all do our part to help the oceans by reducing the amount of plastic that we use and making sure that we always put rubbish in a bin. We want to keep our environment beautiful.

  4. Mrs Arnold says:

    Year 2 have celebrated World Ocean day today. We watched some of the Blue Planet Live lesson and thought about the ways we could ‘Save our Oceans’

    Children created posters and came up with some of the following ideas:

    1. Recycle
    2. Don’t drop litter
    3. Walk more to reduce global warming
    4. Buy sustainably caught fish
    5. Reduce the amount of single use plastic
    6. Eat less meat

    We couldn’t believe that 70% of the world is water!

    Children also completed some comprehension work on Octopuses. They learnt that they have 3 hearts, blue blood, 6 arms and 2 legs. Also that they have a sharp beak and shoot a dark liquid when they are afraid!

  5. 14vwilson says:

    In Year 3, lots of children had been near the ocean- some as recently as last week.
    Joe- I went to Devon and saw the ocean. He explained that he likes making sandcastles on the beach.
    Charlie R- He has been abroad to Menorca before and enjoyed swimming there.
    Elliot- He’s visited the Isle of Wight. He explained that he likes body boarding in the sea.
    Finley- He said he enjoys looking in the rock pools to see which creatures are there.
    Alex- He’s seen the ocean off the coast of South Wales. He said he loves being near the water. It makes him happy, especially when he eats ice-cream and fish and chips.

    We talked about the problems in the ocean. Some children had seen the ‘Blue Planet’ documentaries so knew about the issues. Everyone in class feels sad about pollution! We had lots of ideas about what we can do, and we discussed how us making a small difference helps to make a big difference!

    Elliot- use re-usable water bottles
    Charlie Thomas- take litter home
    Max- litter pick on the beach. Georgia said her Grandma had done this and received a badge or her work with the ocean!
    Ethan- recycle things
    We talked about giving things we had finished with, like toys, to a charity shop for others to use rather than throwing away.

    Year 3 listed lots of sea creatures..
    Poppy-Mai- fish
    Ben B- turtles
    Zach Jones- hermit crabs
    Madison-Killer whale
    Matilda- jellyfish
    Libby- stingray
    Noor-Ul- sharks
    Joe- horseshoe crab- he told us there are only 4 species of these!
    Dylan- star fish and sea urchins
    Ben A- Narwhal

  6. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 enjoyed listening to the assembly and were very interested as they had learnt the 7 continents of the world and the 5 oceans before half term. They remembered the song we had listened to to help them remember the ocean names. They are Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Arctic and Indian.

    Liliana said she had seen the ocean in Devon on holiday. Charlie had seen it in Devon too and said he liked the sound it made.

    Charlie R said he had been to the ocean on holiday. Gracie said she had been on a boat in the ocean and worn her life jacket. Sofia said she had been to the beach and paddled in the sea and was surprised how big it was.

    Jenny said she felt happy because she had seen a dolphin. Imogen said she had been excited playing in the waves. Charlie said it is wet and cold but he really liked it. Molly said it made her fell calm.

    Year 1 were upset about all the litter. Lukas told us people were leaving their litter and it wasn’t good. Cody said that the animals will be hurt by all the litter.
    Finnley said we could all help by picking the litter up and making sure we don’t drop any litter. We could make posters to encourage people not to drop litter.

  7. foundation says:

    Foundation really enjoyed learning about oceans. We watched videos about different oceans. Esme remembered that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. We discussed visits to the seaside and the different creatures that live in the oceans:

    Reggie: Oceans have lots of sea animals. My favourites are sharks, octopus and puffer fish.
    Brooke: I went to Cornwall with my family. Leah went in the sea and she said it was cold.
    Rosie: I went on holiday and swam in the sea with daddy.
    Oliver: We went on holiday to Portugal. Jacob went scuba diving. I swam in the sea and it was cold.
    Dorothy: I went to the seaside when I was a baby.
    Na’Taiyah: Seals and starfish live in the sea.
    Isabel: Lots of fish live in the sea.
    Arthur: Clownfish live in oceans.
    Dexter: Lobsters live in the ocean.
    Minnie: Dolphins and whales live in the sea.

    We discussed the problem of plastic pollution across the world. Foundation 2 were very concerned about the welfare of sea creatures. They made suggestions of how to decrease the amount of rubbish.
    Jake: When you go to the seaside, take a bag and pick up your own rubbish.
    Elsie: We should all recycle more.

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