3rd February

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  1. Year 5 says:

    – help pets of people who can’t afford to help their pets themselves
    – it is a charity
    – last year it treated 2.7million animals
    – it has been around for over 100 years
    – it costs more than 1 million pounds a week to help the animals
    – the vets there treate the animals as if they were theirs
    – 51 hospitals and 51 pet practices across the UK

    Pets need lots of things to keep them happy and healthy:
    – nice and safe environment with space
    – exercise
    – diet
    – companionship
    – good health

    – old english sheepdog – Teddy
    – three cats – dis, saffie and nacho
    – snake – drako
    – dog – alfie
    – cat – dexter
    – dog – toto
    – 2 dogs – cookie & ava
    – dog – franklin
    – evie – honey
    – dog – hank
    – 2 dogs – choco and loco
    – dog – zoggy

    We look after our pet by
    – walking them
    – not leaving alone for too long
    – feeding them properly
    – playing with them
    – loving them
    – taking them to the vets when needed
    – giving fresh water
    – cleaning them

  2. Miss Payne says:

    Year 3 enjoyed the classroom assembly about the PDSA. It is a charity which helps injured or sick animals.
    It has been around for over 100 years and it costs one million pounds per week to treat the animals.
    Pets need, the right environment, a good, healthy diet, companionship and good health care.

    We have lots of pets in Year 3!

    Lily Grace has a dog called Toby and a guinea pig called George.
    Scarlett has two cats called Alfie and Pickle.
    Chloe has two hamsters called George and Bitey!
    Ava has a cat called Fudge.
    Riley has a cat called Chelsea.
    Lee has a dog called Patch.
    Leah has a dog called Ella.
    Caleb has two dogs called Casper and Leo.

    We know that we have to look after our pets and if they need anything we will be there for them!
    We love animals in Year 3!

  3. Foundation 2 says:

    The children in foundation where very interested in the PDSA and happy that there was a charity particularly for animals.

    We talked about what we need to feed our pets and it was decided they need food – like bones, something to drink – like water and a nice warm place to sleep.

    We have some interesting pets in foundation!
    – Keira has two hamsters called Georgie & Bitie
    – Annabelle has a dog called Toby
    – Lois has a tortoise called Jem
    – Sofia has a lizard called Leo
    – Zac G has two worms but they dont have any names but live in a tin
    – Liliana has a dog called Sydney
    – Mellieha has a hamster called Yellow
    – Jenny has a cat called Dexter
    – and Nikos & Lukas have a dog called Chocco

    We talked about the type of pets that we would love to have. Mrs Norris would love a cat and so would Flossie as her last cat went missing.
    – Neave would like 3 goldfish so they can blow bubbles.
    – Lois would love a horse so it can eat the grass in her backyard.
    – and Charlie G would like a pet robin to go in his bird house.

  4. Year 1 says:

    The children said the motto is ‘Help a Vet. Help a Pet.’ The children told me that PDSA is a charity that helps animals. They have animal hospitals and veterinary practices where you can take your pet to have it checked or to treat it if it is unwell. Sebby told us that a charity means that it is run on donations, fund raising by people and from organisations who donate. He said that in Tesco you can put a plastic coin in a tub and the supermarket will give money to this charity.

    We know that pets need a good home, a safe environment, food and water in the right quantities, love, exercise, fun, grooming, dental care and access to a vet when they get sick.
    Lots of children in year 1 have pets. Sebby has a new puppy called Lunar. Orla has a bird called Lexie. Rio has a cat called shadow. Dylan has a Westie dog called Lucy and a hamster called sparkle. Eva has a cat called Rosie. Alex has a dog called Ripley.
    Our pets need:
    -love and care (Orla)
    -to eat good food and the right amount (Alfie)
    -exercise and fun (Isaac)
    -water (Albie)
    -a good environment (Holly)
    -access to a vet (Sebby)
    -grooming (Rio)

    If we could have an animal we would like:
    A cat and a dog (Eleonora), a dog (Ava), a rabbit (Sophia), a cat (Dominic) and a dog (Mylo).
    We would need a lead, a bowl for food and water, straw, a cage, a comfy bed and some toys.

  5. Miss Miah says:

    Year 6:
    What can you tell me about PDSA?
    They treat the sick and injured pets of people in need. They are a special kind of vets, because they’re a charity.

    What do all pets need to keep them happy and healthy?
    We watched a video and discussed what every pet needs to be not only healthy but happy as well.

    Have you got a pet? What have you got? What is your pet called?
    Alfie has a dog called Oscar, Mollie has lots of pets including a cat called Tinkerbelle and a dog called Archie, George has a hamster called Yellow, Layton has a dog called Bonnie, Immy has a dog called Ned, Joel has a dog called Tilly, Kai O has a dog called Kodi, Kye’s family has a dog called Tink, Jacob N’s family has a dog called Lumi, Lexie has 2 dogs called Leo and Casper.

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