The Toys Party

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4 Responses to The Toys Party

  1. Dorothy Longden says:

    Dorothy enjoyed playing the game traffic lights as she has not played it before. However, musical statues is her favourite listening game, because this game is played at parties!

  2. Sofia Tomlinson says:

    Sofia loved playing Simons Says and listened very well to hear whether “Simon said” the instruction or not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Morwenna says….we played Simon says, musical statues and the traffic light game with my sister. We also tried listening to different instruments and guessing what they were.

  4. Lily-Rose says:

    Lily-Rose enjoyed playing musical statues the most. Lily also enjoyed playing Simon says, but this was a bit trickier trying to remember to wait for Daddy to say “simon says” before completing the action.

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