Teddy Bears Picnic 2019

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10 Responses to Teddy Bears Picnic 2019

  1. Pippa says:

    I liked making sandwiches for my mummy and daddy and having the teddy bears picnic in the hall. They said the sandwiches were delicious.

  2. Alfie says:

    Alfie’s nanny enjoyed doing the treasure hunt to find the teddy bears, and Alfie liked making the paper teddy bear with the clothes!

  3. Chandler Roper says:

    My favourite part of the teddy bear picnic, was making the sandwiches, eating the chocolates and taking my big teddy bear in.

  4. Holly K says:

    I enjoyed the treasure hunt. Mom liked the teddy bear shaped sandwiches.

  5. Gwendoline says:

    My Mummy, Nanny and little sister Morwenna enjoyed doing the Teddy bear treasure hunt. I enjoyed the chocolate cake bar and buying my new Teddy called Olivia.

  6. Jack says:

    i liked makeing the sandwiches also i liked eating the chocolate

  7. Reuben O says:

    I enjoyed making the sandwiches for my visitors and eating the chocolate swirl roll.
    My mommy liked making the pin bear the best.

  8. Chhaya says:

    I really enjoyed colouring my Teddy beaylr picture with my friend Maya and making a bear out of playdough with my little sister Chandani. I also liked eating the Teddy bear shaped Crisps.

  9. Marzia Nieddu says:

    Eleonora said she loved playing with the playdough with mum and Pippa, having a picnic in the hall was the best part,the sandwich wasn’t very nice,but she loved the chocolate very much 🙂

  10. Maya says:

    Maya says she liked looking for the teddy bears and their names and numbers. She also enjoyed the teddy bear sandwiches and colouring the teddy bears and putting the clothes on.

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