Assembly 4th February

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  1. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 really enjoyed the story about the robots. We talked about what adventure XT-27 had through the yellow door and how he met lots of robots exactly the same as himself. He realised that it is very boring if everybody is the same and that being different makes everyone special and interesting.
    We talked about how we should treat everybody nicely regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl, tall or small, wear glasses or don’t wear glasses. Everyone is special.

  2. Foundation 2 says:

    We loved talking about this poem in Foundation. Holly said that the message that we could get from this poem was that its good being different. We also talked about what makes us different and some of the children came up with that we like different food, we have different voices, we have different toys.

    We thought that it was important to show tolerance and ways we can do this is letting people play with each other and sharing with one another.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Year 3 talked about differences in religions, appearance,feelings and personality and how they are all good. We also discussed ways to show tolerance such as being kind, smiling at people,being friendly and most importantly listening.We said that even though it might difficult at times to be sensitive we must always try. We felt that it would be very boring if everyone was the same and it is amazing that we are all different.

  4. Year 6 says:

    XT-27 learnt from his dream that it is good that everyone is different. He also realised that everyone was just as special as him.

    You can show tolerance by:
    -understanding people make mistakes
    -speaking respectfully to everyone
    -listening to everyone
    -walking away from negative situations
    -not loosing your temper
    -understanding that everyone is different
    -being kind even if they are not your favourite person
    -treating others equally
    -include everyone
    -treating others how you would like to be treated

    Tolerance is extremely important because:
    -if we aren’t tolerant it might make people unhappy or make them feel left out
    -without tolerance everyone would be arguing all the time
    -without tolerance there would be no forgiveness
    -without tolerance you would not have friends
    -we should all be respected

  5. Year 5 says:

    Year 5
    We read the poem together. We discussed the poem and decided that it had several important messages.
    We should all respect everyone. It is good to be different – the world would be boring if everyone thought the same and looked the same. Do not try to be someone that you are not. If you compare yourself to someone else you will not see what is good about you. Always respect your qualities.
    In Year 5 we show tolerance by:
    . ignoring someone who is distracting me
    . helping and teaching someone who can not do something as well as I can
    . being patient
    . being resilient
    In Year 5 we think it is important to show tolerance because it is important to care about others. We need to try not to become frustrated with other people.

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