Rainy Days

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  1. Elliot says:

    If it is a rainy day, I would like to:
    Build Lego
    Play monopoly
    Make some biscuits
    Watch TV
    Go outside and play in the rain!

    Instructions to make biscuits:
    1. Get some flour, butter, sugar, an egg yolk and vanilla extract.
    2. Weigh the ingredients out.
    3. Mix the sugar and the butter together.
    4. Mix in the egg yolk and vanilla extract.
    5. Sift the flour in.
    6. Squish it with your hands to make a dough.
    7. Roll the dough out.
    8. Get some cookie cutters and cut some shapes out.
    9. Put them in the oven for 15 minutes.

  2. Libby says:

    On rainy days I play inside and do colouring,watching films,cooking cakes.
    A game to play on rainy days is hide and seek.
    I do not like rain because it stops me from playing outside.

  3. Poppy-Mai says:

    First you need to get some plain paper. Then you need to get colouring pens or pencils. You can then draw a picture on your paper of a rainy day. On a rainy day I would do some colouring, play with my building blocks, make fairy cupcakes and play with my hatchimals. I don’t like the rain because I will get wet if I go outside and I don’t like getting wet.

  4. Ben Brooke says:

    When it is a rainy day, you could do some of the following activities:
    Play board games
    Make things out of cardboard boxes.
    Have a picnic indoors with your teddies.
    To have a teddy picnic, you have to place a blanket on the floor and collect all your favourite teddies. Place them on the blanket and eat all your favourite food!
    I like listening to the rain and seeing the drops on the window.

  5. Alexander R says:

    1. Get things ready
    2. Put your wellies and waterproof coat on
    3. go outside
    4. find a big puddle
    5. Jump in the puddle
    6. Be happy

    If it is raining outside and I have to stay in I like to:
    -play with my Hot Wheel cars
    -play with my brother
    -watch a movie

    I like rain because you can have fun jumping in the puddles.

  6. Matthew Russell says:

    I like the rain because it makes puddles and if I have my wellies on I can splash in them.
    When it’s raining we play card games or board games and also snakes and ladders.
    When it’s raining and we go outside we need a coat, wellies and a torch if you get lost in the wood and a rucksack.

  7. Charlie Richards says:

    On a rainy day I like to play with my toys, we have an inside teddy bear picnic, we watch a film with popcorn on the sofa and do lots of crafts.
    I like the rain because I can stay inside playing with my lego and duplo and when it stops I like walking in the mud in my wellies

  8. Phoebe says:

    On a rainy day I play with my Lego, play games and colouring.
    1 Put on your coat
    2 Put your wellies on
    3 Put your gloves and scarf on.
    4 Get a torch
    5 Get ear muffs
    6 Finally put up umbrella
    7 Go for a walk

  9. Matilda says:

    On a rainy day you could:

    Bake some cakes
    Watch a movie
    Have a teddy bear picnic
    Do some colouring
    Look outside the window to see if there is a rainbow.

    I don’t like the rain because it stops me from playing outside but sometimes you can go outside but you have to wear a waterproof coat and wellies and take an umbrella.

  10. Joe Swain says:

    On rainy days Joe says that he likes to play football on the Xbox. He also likes to help mummy bake cakes.

  11. Finley says:

    If it’s raining outside I like to play with Lego, watch films, play on my Nintendo switch, or do drawing with my sister. Sometimes we go outside with our wellies on and jump in muddy puddles!
    Mommy likes to take us to soft play when it’s raining because we get a bit bored sometimes.

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