28th Jan

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  1. Year 1 says:

    All of the children in year 1 think that being kind to others is very important.
    Charlie said that Edward had been kind to him playing nicely with him at school and Edward had invited Charlie to his house for tea. He told us that this had made him happy as Edward shared his toys and he’d had a lovely time.
    Libby said that Phoebe always plays nicely with her and is kind to her in and out of school.
    Poppy-Mai told us that she hadn’t felt very well when she came to school this morning and Elsie had looked after her and tried to make her feel better. Poppy said Elsie had cheered her up and she was happy that Elsie had been kind and cared
    about her.
    Phoebe told us that Libby is always kind and she makes her happy.
    Madison said that she had been kind to her cousin and had shared her toys. This had made her feel happy and also her cousin so they had both had a really good time.
    Elliot told us about the story of Gandhi and how he had performed an act of kindness by throwing his shoe out of the train to land near the other one he had lost as he got on the train. He said he wanted to help someone poor so they had a pair of shoes to wear even though he now had none to wear himself.

    The children had ideas about kind things they are going to try to do this week. Edward said he was going to send some of his old toys to the charity shop to help other children who were not as fortunate as him. Poppy is going to play with her sister and help her Mummy. Ellis promised to fill and empty the dishwasher to help his Mum. Alex said he was going to help his Mum make the dinner each evening.

    Everybody in year 1 is going to be kind to their friends this week!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Year 2 have talked about who has been kind to them this morning. Ellie said that Leah had been kind to her by giving her a toy bird that she had left behind in school. Danny said that at Chimps this morning, Daniel in year 6 helped him draw a picture. Olivia’s mum helped her this morning by waking her up early so she was on time for school. Scarlett said that Sophie helped her find her reading book this morning in class. Lee was worried about his friend this morning so his mum comforted him when he found out his friend had hurt himself.
    This week we are going to be extra kind to our learning partners.

  3. Elliot says:

    My friend Max showed kindness to me today because he got a pencil for me to do my work. It made me happy.
    I was kind to my cousin at the weekend. She was nervous about her first swimming lesson and I held her hand and looked after her. Being kind to others makes me happy too.

  4. Year 6 says:

    Here are some acts of kindness from year 6:
    -someone let me borrow a pencil
    -someone helped me when I was hurt
    -someone let me borrow their book
    -my teacher helped me with my work
    -everyone helped me look for something I lost
    -someone opened the door for me
    -someone offered a drink
    -my mum packs my lunch every day
    -my friend helped me in a game
    -my mum makes me food
    -someone asked if i was ok
    -my mum gets me stuff together for me
    -my brother helps me play guitar
    -my sister talks to me about secondary school when i’m worried

    Kindness makes us feel:
    -glad to have them in my life
    -cared for
    -good about ourselves
    -less worried

  5. Year 4 says:

    Year 4 have talked about kindness and the people who are kind to them. Mrs Arnold spoke about Mrs Arnold in Year 5 who is always a very kind friend. The children had a think about people in their lives who are always kind, they are:

    Elodie – My Grandad went over and above to be kind to me, helping me with my Hobbit Holes
    Archie – My Dad spend a lot of time with me and fixes things when they are broken
    Josh – My Dad shows me kindness by being patient when I am taking a long time to get dressed
    Zach – My Mum is kind because she gives me treats
    Borys – My Sunday football coach because when we have matches he gives me kind, positive words
    Isla – My Cousin is kind because she still plays with me even when I’m annoying
    Joe – My Nan is kind to me because she checks on me when I’m not feeling well
    Harvey – My dog seems to know when I don’t feel the best and shows kindness by making me feel better in his own way.

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