21st January

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  1. s14cpayne says:

    Year 3 talked this morning after assembly about TEAM WORK. Somebody in Year 3 even said ‘TEAM WORK makes the DREAM work!’
    We are ALWAYS working together in Year 3 everyday. Sometimes in lessons sometimes playing outside or sharing pencils. We need each other and we enjoy learning with each other. We talked about how sad it would be if we didn’t get to work with each other every day and how lonely we would be.
    Sometimes people annoy us and we would prefer to work by ourselves. Sometimes working together causes arguments. So this week we are going to try to get along in our groups and work together as a TEAM.

  2. Year 6 says:

    Year 6 discussed why working together is so important. Amber thought you can’t always do things alone, so you need to be able to work as a group/team.
    We thought that the qualities a team member needs to have is to be able to show respect, be patient, be positive and to listen to everyone in the team.

    Year 6 are part of all different kinds of teams:

    Amber is in an Athletics and Netball team and also part of a drama group.
    Poppy is in THREE football teams, school netball team and part of our great team, Year 6!
    Georgia M is in a hockey and dance team.
    Tianna-Mae is part of an ice skating team.
    Jack is in a football team.

    In assembly we learnt about wolves working as a pack and also vultures who need to work together for their food.
    Ants can carry heavy objects together too!

    Georgia M thought about how some fish in the ocean, stay together in a shoal to look bigger to their predators.

  3. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 said that working well with a partner is important as we can help each other to achieve a goal.
    The qualities you nedd to work together are
    – Good listening skills (Reuben)
    – Being fair (Matthew)
    – Helping each other (Elliot)
    – Looking carefully (Ben)
    – Being patient (Poppy)
    – Being kind (Sophia)
    – Co-operating with each other (Edward)
    We are part of team Year 1 and team Cheswick Green! Ben and Matilda are part of a swimming team. Archie and Finley are members of a football team. Elsie-Rai is part of a Gymnastics team. Matthew and Dylan are part of the Beavers team.

    The children told me that wolves, ants, birds and fish work in teams to help each other.
    Everyone in Year 1 agreed that working together as a team was very important and we should always try to do our very best to make sure this always happens.

  4. Year 4 says:

    In year 4 we discussed teamwork. We agreed that it is lots of people all helping each other to achieve something, a end goal.
    We dicussed any teams we are part of where we have to use team work.
    Harvey – Rugby, Tae-Kwon-Do
    Mili K – Karate, swimming and Brownies
    Ben – Football
    Joe – Tennis and hockey
    Josh – Karate, swimming, tennis
    Ross – Cubs and trampolining
    Isla – Dancing and Brownies
    In assembly we learnt about wolves and vultures working together to hunt for food. We also talked about hyenas and ants working together.

  5. Year 5 says:

    Year 5 says:
    Why is working well with a partner or a group so important?

    Because if you’re on your own, it’s a lot more work to do whereas if you are in a group you can get more done in the same time (only if you work well in a group). Joel shared the saying ‘two heads are better than one’.

    What qualities does a good partner or group member need?

    Teamwork, resilience, friendship, respect, good listening skills and patience.

    Year 5 discussed when we have worked well as part of a team or group such as: dodgeball team, cheerleading, football team, working in a group in lessons, working to play a game together, dance in PE and working together to complete a poster/picture.

    Which teams are you part of?

    Football teams, basketball team, cricket team, dance group, netball team, rugby, tennis clubs, badminton clubs, swimming teams, rowing teams, baseball teams, dodgeball team and other clubs such as brownies, cubs and table class groups.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yr 2 this week worked together to make our walk around Cheswick Green memorable. Some of our parents joined us too. We all worked as a team to make sure we walked safely and had fun as well. Every week we choose different learning partners so that we make sure that everyone is included.

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