The Bethlehem Builders

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  1. Ben Brooke says:

    I really loved being in the Nativity and Mummy said it was fabulous.
    I enjoyed every single part of the play and my favourite song was ‘Strolling onto Bethlehem’.

  2. Matthew Russell says:

    The Bethlehem Builders is about the builders fixing the stable for Mary and Joseph to have their baby called Jesus. Mummy said she thought it was excellent and that I was a very good king. My favourite song was “stop what you’re doing”.

  3. Libby says:

    I enjoyed the play. My guests think it was great fun. My favourite part was getting my costume on and dressing up. My favourite song is no room at the Inn

  4. Phoebe says:

    My mummy and nanny thought it was epic! My favourite part was when I did my speaking part and I did it super loud! I liked the angel music and no room here.

  5. Alexander R says:

    I really enjoyed the performance. My mum says all the children were brilliant. My favourite part was when I was on the stage. My favourite song was “Stop what you are doing right now”.

  6. Poppy-Mai says:

    Yes I enjoyed it. Mummy and Daddy said it was really good and they were very proud of me. My favourite part was doing my angel dance and my favourite song was stop what you’re doing.

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