Happy Holidays

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  1. Euan says:

    This summer I am going to go on holiday to Scotland with my Gran and Grandad. I am also going to go swimming and we are going to go camping.

  2. Jacob N says:

    We are going to our church camp near the sea in Wales. Mummy tells me we are going on a surprise trip but won’t tell me where. We are going to London for a week to stay with mummy’s friends. And we are staying in a caravan in Wales!

  3. Tommy says:

    Thank you to everyone for a great year and thank you to Mrs Parker, Mrs Rooke and Mrs Cotterill for looking after me. We are going on holiday for 2 weeks during the summer and it’s also my little brother Charlie’s birthday.

  4. madison aprile says:

    I mite be going on holiday. But Im definitely going to twycross.

  5. Darcy says:

    Me and Scarlett are going to Chimps summer club for the first week of the holidays so we’ll be back in school next week!! Then me, Scarlett and Mommy are going to our friends Rosie and Daisy’s who live in Cornwall for a week. In August we’re going to Tenby for our family holiday I have drawn a map for Mommy to follow so we don’t get lost

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