18th October

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mason told us that harvest is when the farmer picks all the crops that he has grown. Jake said it is when you pick the food like radishes and apples.

    Thomas told us that a Harvest festival is when you say thank you to God and the farmers for growing and collecting in the food for us to eat. Morwenna said it is important to keep us fit and healthy.
    Year 1 were brilliant at telling me the names of fruit and vegetables harvested in this country.
    Apples (Arthur), Sweetcorn (Chloe), Pumpkins (Minnie), Radishes (Charlie), Potatoes (Morwenna) and Onions (Reggie).

    Jack told us the farmers use a combine harvester to gather in the crops. Annabelle said they use special machinery. Brooke said lots of fruit and vegetables are picked by hand.

    Year 1 are looking forward to celebrating their Harvest Festival in assembly tomorrow.

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