23rd November

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  1. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    Which people are part of our school team?
    – teachers
    -Miss Mason
    -Mrs Chetna and Mr Radford
    -dinner supervisors
    -the cooks who make our lunches
    – office staff
    -plumbers, electricians and any other people that help our school

    What would happen if one person in our team did not do their job properly?
    We would not be as good as we can be and we wouldn’t achieve the goals we set ourselves.

    What happened when all the body parts stopped helping each other?
    The person got weak and poorly.

    How can we make sure our school is a happy team?
    – say nice things to each other
    – invite others to play
    – if someone is hurt, tell a teacher
    – always being kind
    – listening carefully to everyone
    – showing respect to everyone
    – show resilience by never giving up
    – be willing to have a laugh with each other and have some fun

  2. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 said that the people in our Cheswick School team are Miss Mason, all the teachers and teaching assistants, all the children, the cooks, the lunchtime supervisors, the office staff, the cleaners and Mr Radford our caretaker. Neave told me by working together it means that our school will run smoothly. Molly said we are all like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and together we are a strong team. Lois said if somebody in the team didn’t do their job properly then things would go wrong.

    In the story Liliana said that when all the body parts stopped working together as a team then they all felt weak and wobbly. Imogen said they all needed to work together to do their jobs to keep the body healthy and fit.

    Frankie said that everybody at Cheswick Green needed to work well together and do their job so that our school was a happy place to be. Zac said we needed to do the right thing and behave well and work hard to ensure each class team was working effectively.

  3. Mrs Arnold says:

    Year 2:
    Which people are part of our school team?
    Rio – Everyone who belongs to our school is part of our school team
    Pippa – Our friends and our teachers
    Sophia – Lunchtime supervisors
    Gwen – The cook

    What would happen if one person in our team did not do their job properly?
    Everything would go wrong for everybody.

    What happened when all the body parts stopped helping each other?
    Sebby – When the body parts stopped helping each other, they all felt very weak and made all the others stop working

    How can we make sure our school is a happy team?
    Eva – Be kind to each other
    Orla – Make sure nobody is mean to anybody else
    Eleonora – By working as a team
    Reuben – We could have happy faces
    Dylan – Ask someone if they would like to be part of your team
    Ava – Don’t leave anybody out

  4. Anonymous says:

    Year 6 discussed this mornings assembly.
    People who are part of our school team:

    Lunch Supervisors

    If one person did not do their job properly, our team wouldn’t work as well.
    If the dinner ladies didn’t turn up we may not have our lunch!

    To make sure we are a happy team at school, we work together and help each other. Also, good cooperation will help to achieve this.

    Zacharys favourite video was the racing car video as he still can’t believe, along with the rest of Year 6, how quickly they do their job! Archie also said that if one person doesn’t carry out their job properly, the driver may be badly injured.

    Aaliyah will show she is a good team member of our school by listening to staff and respecting friends points of view and being kind to others.
    Evie says she respects everyone equally even if she doesn’t know someone in another class very well.

  5. Year 1 says:

    Today year 1 watched the video clips. About half of the children liked the racing car clip and the other half liked the Birds on a Wire clip.
    Liliana said she chose the car clip because the team were working well together. Ella said it was great team work. Aiden said they were fast workers and everyone was doing their job.
    Charlie liked the second video because he thought it was funny when all the little birds lost their feathers and it made him laugh. Mellieha said that the small birds were mean to the big bird and they did not help each other.

    Year 1 said they would make sure they were good team members in our school by
    – not leaving anyone out. (Imogen W)
    – helping each other. (Gracie)
    – work hard and be sensible. (Molly G)
    – work well together when we are tidying. (Emma)
    – talking kindly to each other. (Zac)

  6. Mrs Arnold says:

    Tuesday Assembly:

    We watched all the teamwork videos and we loved them!

    Mrs Arnold’s favourite was the Formula 1 video. She found it amazing how quickly they all worked. It was a great example of teamwork.

    Pippa’s favourite was the birds video because it was funny when they all lost their feathers.

    Orla’s favourite was the formula one video because we could watch how well they worked as a team. Holly agreed and said that she liked it too because nobody got in anybody’s way. Jack liked seeing this video because of how much effort went into fixing the car.

    Mylo liked the crab video because the crabs all worked together.

    How will be a good school team:

    Gwen – Smile at each other and check if people are ok if they look sad
    Mohammad – We can help each other
    Eva – If someone is hurt we can ask if they are ok and also if they have nobody to play with.

  7. foundation says:

    Foundation 2 discussed the importance of teamwork and what it means to be part of a team. We now understand that there are lots of people in our school team, such as teachers (Elsie), pupils (Oliver) and lunchtime supervisors (Minnie). We also discussed the importance of all members of the team working together to ensure that a team works well. The children enjoyed the body parts story and understood that the person became poorly when different parts of the body stopped working. We discussed how it is important to make sure everyone is happy in the team and we can make sure this happens by being friendly at smiling at others (Rosie) and working hard (Reggie).

  8. foundation says:

    We really enjoyed the different video clips showing teamwork. Foundation 2’s favourite video overall was the birds on a wire clip however other children also had favourite clips.

    Elsie liked the penguin video and also explained that penguins work as a team and huddle together when they are cold to keep warm. Reggie and Morwenna enjoyed the Formula 1 video as it showed everyone working together. Minnie enjoyed the polar bear video as they worked together to reach the moon.

    Foundation 2 said they would make sure they are good team members by helping their friends, making sure they play together nicely and by working hard.

  9. 14vwilson says:

    Year 3 enjoyed watching the videos. They thought that each one sent out a clear message about the importance of teamwork.
    Which was your favourite video?
    Libby- the birds. It was funny but I understood that we must not be mean to people.
    Phoebe- the birds. They were being mean to the big bird and because of that they lost their feathers but the big bird still helped cover them up.
    Jenson- cars. All of the people made sure it was good.
    Elsie-Rai- I liked the crab video. They all gathered together and worked as a team.
    ben B- cars. Don’t interfere in other peoples jobs.
    Archie- cars. All part of a team.
    Elliot- cars. They worked hard in the pit. As a team they can do it quickly!

    Then we discussed which had the strongest message…
    Matilda thought the crab video gave a powerful message. She said they communicated with each other and were stronger as a team.
    Edward agreed with this too so that no-one was left out.

    We’ve talked a lot in Year 3 about the importance of communicating with each other. We think this is key to not only teamwork but good friendships too!

  10. s14smiah says:

    They all give a similar message but which video gave this message best?
    Alice thought the polar bear video gave the best message as you could clearly see how they worked together to get the moon.
    Ava thought that the racecar video gave the best message because if there was just one person doing the job, they wouldn’t have been able to do it quickly – this shows how important teamwork is.

    How are you going to show that you are a good team member of our school?
    Ollie said that if someone is struggling with their work, you can offer help.
    Zach is going to let others play a game if they don’t have anyone to play with.
    Alice said she would help tidy the classroom.

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