16th November

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  1. Mrs Arnold says:

    In Year 2 we spoke all about anti-bullying. The children said the following

    What is bullying:
    Eva – People saying mean things to you and being unkind over and over again
    Alex – Hurting people over and over
    Mohammad – Not being kind

    How are we all different:
    Eleonora – We all have different characters
    Maya – We have different skin
    Orla – We have different hair colour
    Reuben – We have different eye colour
    Sebby – Today we have different socks
    Holly – Some people wear glasses and some don’t

    Why is difference important?
    Gwen – If we were all the same then it wouldn’t be that much fun, it would be a boring world
    Dylan – If we were all the same then we wouldn’t have different strengths
    Orla – If we were all the same then we wouldn’t know who was who

    What should you do if you were bullied:
    Chandler- Tell someone
    Jack – Tell a teacher
    Pippa – Tell your Mum or Dad
    Ava – Tell your Grandparents
    Hollie – Tell any family member like your Uncle
    Maya – Tell your close friends

  2. s14lbird says:

    Year 4

    What is bullying?
    Bullying is when you annoy or upset somebody several times on purpose.
    It can be physical, like hurting someone or saying mean things or it can take place online.

    Why is difference important?
    Because it doesn’t matter what you look like because we are the same inside and outside. It just matters we respect each other.

    How will we make sure no one is bullied in our school?
    Stand up for your friends if you see they are being bullied.
    Ask the person to stop.
    Talk to an adult to help.

    The greatest showman song

    We think you chose that song to show that everyone is different and that is ok.

    We like the song because it made us feel happy and showed friendship and difference.

  3. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    What is bullying?
    Bullying is when you are very unkind to somebody over and over again. There are many different ways that someone could be bullied.

    How are we all different?
    Ava – personalities, hair, eye colour, skin colour, appearance, genders, religions and beliefs and interests and hobbies.

    Why is difference important?
    Lexi says that we are all unique in different ways. Lily said that if we were all the same it would be really boring.

    What should you do if you are bullied?
    Tell a teacher or a trusted adult.

  4. Year 1 says:

    Molly said bullying is when somebody is unkind to you and that it happens over and over again. Neave said it is when somebody is rude to you every day. Aiden said it is when somebody hurts you again and again. Flossie said that it is when you are left out everyday and people are mean to you.

    Imogen said we are all different because we have different coloured eyes and hair, different skin colour and different clothes. Emma said we are all different heights, weights and body shapes. Gracie said we all have different eye colours.

    We all agreed that it would be boring if we were all the same and that being different is good.

    Charlie G said we should tell the teacher or a lunchtime supervisor, our Mums and Dads and Nanny’s and Grandad’s if we are being bullied. Molly said we should SPEAK OUT!

    We all know that this year the theme is United Against Bullying!

  5. 14vwilson says:

    Year 3 had a really grown up discussion about bullying. They understood that bullying is different from one problem, upset of fall out.
    Ben B- bullying is when it’s done over and over again.
    William- you should always tell someone.
    Edward- you could tell people like your parents, family.
    We decided it was best to tell some we trust immediately!

    Luckily, no-one in Year 3 has ever felt bullied.

    We listened to the song and discussed the meaning behind it…
    Poppy-Mai- it doesn’t matter who you are, you are you.
    Edward- if you are different it’s ok. we are the same on the inside.
    Matilda- everyone is different.
    Elsie- Rai- carry on. Be strong.
    Courtney- you are beautiful as you are.
    Charlie R- be brave. Don’t worry about what others think.
    Elsie- explained that the outsiders were cruel and said mean things. They didn’t understand. Elsie then went on to explain that we were like a piece of paper. If someone bullies us, the paper gets scrunched up and can never return to its perfect state. There will always be ‘marks/ scars’ left.

  6. miss haines says:

    Year 6 had lots of things to say about todays assembly.

    Archie – bullying is when you are mean to the same person continuously.
    Isla – sometimes people bully others for being different.
    Zachary – the difference between bullying and having a one off argument is that bullying would be continuous and an argument may be a one off.
    Ross – if you are being bullied you should talk to a trusted adult. If we were all the same it would be a very boring world!

    Sufyan thinks that Miss Mason chose this song as it is about how people are different and how they can be judged. Some people treat them as though they are less worthy.
    Borys – I like the song as it shows how we are different and it doesn’t matter at all.

  7. Mrs Arnold says:

    We watched the United Against Bullying video and talked about what we could do to stop bullying. The children then created their own jigsaw pieces about what they would like to do individually. These were things like:

    Gwen – Get some signs to remind people not to bully
    Orla – Tell a teacher if you see some bullying
    Eva – If your brothers or sisters bully you, tell your parents
    Holly – If you see someone being bullied or you are being bullied, always tell someone

    We agreed that if we all stood up to bullying, it would make a difference.

    Jay – I liked the song because it was dramatic
    Maya – We think you chose this song because it is about a lady who stands out and is proud of herself even though there are bullies around her
    Orla – She didn’t care what people thought of her
    Holly – She was different and people were laughing but she was brave
    Dylan – I think she was different and she didn’t care if she was seen.

    We loved the music, it was very powerful for a Tuesday morning assembly.

  8. foundation says:

    Q: What is bullying?
    Kyton: When you do unkind things to a person everyday.
    Elsie: When you hurt someone a lot of times.

    Q: How are we all different? Why is difference important?
    Morwenna: We all have different birthdays.
    Oliver: We have different hair colour.
    Brooke: We are all different and we had odd socks on in school to show it.
    Matilda: We have different coloured skin.
    Reggie: We have different eye colours.
    Esme: It is special when everyone is different.

    Q:What should you do if you were bullied?
    Esme: Tell a grown up or tell the teachers.
    Chloe: Talk to mummy or daddy.
    Elsie: Tell the bully to stop being unkind.

  9. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 enjoyed watching the United Against Bullying video. They had lots to share following the video. Molly said that we are powerful as a team when we all work together. Liliana told us everybody has to play their part. Finnley said we can come together against bullies. Molly G said Bullying is upsetting and it hurts peoples feelings. Imogen said the message told us to keep our hands and feet to ourselves. Neave said that we shouldn’t laugh at others. Aiden said we all need to be kind. Ella said teamwork was important.

    Lois said she would play her part and tell an adult. Teddy said to speak out. Charlie R said he would help others. Emma said to tell a grown up.

    Year 1 absolutely loved the song from ‘the Greatest Showman.’ They were fixed and said that the song had wise words. Imogen said it told us that we need to accept every person for who they are and everybody has an important place in our world. we played it again as the children loved it so much!!

  10. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:

    What were the key messages on this video?
    Eva said that we must respect each other to stop bullying. Lily said that if everyone was a bully in this world, no one would want to live in it because it would be a sad place – we must unite and work together to stop bullying.

    What part will you play to ensure nobody in our school is bullied?
    Ava said she will be kind to everyone and include them. Riley will not make comments about anyone’s appearance. Ollie is going to help people if they are sad and not get involved in any playground issues.

  11. foundation says:

    Q:What were the key messages of the video?
    Dorothy: To work together to stop bullying.
    Brooke: To work as a team.
    Chloe: To make sure no-one is bullied.

    Q: What part will you play to ensure no-one is bullied in our school?
    Jake: I will respect people.
    Esme: I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
    Morwenna: I will not laugh at someone when someone else is.
    Charlie: I will make sure everyone has someone to play with.

    Foundation 2 enjoyed listening to “This is Me.” We discussed the message of the story.

  12. 14vwilson says:

    What part will we play?
    We discussed being ‘united’ and ‘lifting each other up’ not ‘pushing each other down’.
    Zach Jones- We will be kind.
    Elsie-Rai- We will keep hands and feet to ourselves.
    Finley- We will respect each other.
    Libby- We will stand up for our friends.
    Reuben- We won’t laugh at others.
    Ben B- We will listen to each other.
    Phoebe- We will show respect.

    Matthew- We will let people play our games.
    This is an important one for us in Year 3, so we have decided we will all be ‘playground spotters’. We will look out for each other, especially our shy friends who find it harder to join in. We also decided to have two ‘Playground Pals’ who will be on extra look-out! We know we can go to them if we need help.

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