nd November 2020

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  1. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    What do you think teamwork is?
    Teamwork is when people work together to achieve the same goal. James said for example if you were working on a Maths question, you could work together to complete it because TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK.

    What makes a good team?
    We think these skills are important: patience, listening, being polite, kindness, helping each other and being respectful.

    Do you belong to any teams?
    cubs, gym, netball, dance, irish dancing, basketball, stagecoach, football, school, boys brigade, swimming, family and church groups and YEAR 5! 🙂

    Why do teams need to collaborate?
    Jacob said that collaborating helps people achieve their goals, Charlie said that working together allows people to win and Riley said that 2 brains are better than 1.

  2. Year 1 says:

    Lois told us that teamwork is everyone working together to reach a goal. Imogen told us teamwork is when we co-operate together helping each other to achieve something.

    Liliana said that a good team is made with people all working well together. Teddy said people have to communicate well and follow instructions and all play their part.

    Year 1 belong to lots of teams.
    Emma belongs to Rainbows.
    Imogen belongs to the Gymnastics team.
    Aiden is in a swimming team.
    Charlie belongs to a cricket team.
    Zac belongs to Boys Brigade.

    Molly said that teams need to collaborate ‘to get the job done!’
    Sadie said you need to collaborate to be successful and achieve together.

    Everybody chose their favourite photos. The most popular were the animal ones with the dogs and cats working together. The children told me why the photo was their favourite.

  3. miss haines says:

    Year 6

    Archie – teamwork is helping each other and listening to others.
    Zachary – you have to cooperate well with each other.
    Sufyan – teamwork is when you listen and work as a team.

    Aaliyah thinks that to make a good team we need to listen to each other and be kind to others and make sure everyone is heard.
    Evie – sticking to the task and bonding as a team will create good results.
    Zachary – a fair leader is important for a successful team.

    Elodie belongs in a dance team.
    Aaliyah belongs to pony camp.
    Archie belongs to a golf team.
    Borys is part of a football team.
    Lucas was a member of the beavers.
    Zach is part of Borys football team along with Archie, Ross and Daniel!
    Will is a member of a boxing club.
    Ross is also a member of a tutor group outside of school.

    Bens favourite picture is the one where the dogs are all helping each other to carry a stick. He thinks it is funny and they are all working together to achieve the same goal.
    Jakes favourite picture is the cat standing on the dog to reach the fridge! He likes it as they are working together to get food for each other.

  4. Mrs Arnold says:

    What do you think teamwork is?
    Maya- Its when we all work together and it makes us very happy.
    Eleonora – When we all help each other.
    Eva – We did team work when we swept all the leaves on the playground together.
    Mohammed – Every being kind and helpful to each other.

    What makes a good team?
    Rio – Everyone working together
    Pippa – When everybody takes turn and joins in
    Sophia – When everybody helps
    Holly K – Stay to together and not argue

    Do you belong to any teams?
    Isaac – Boys bridged
    Jack – Family team
    Dylan – Id like to be on a football team
    Gwen – We are a class team
    Chandler – We working in teams in PE

    Why do teams need to collaborate?
    Isaac – No one would get anything done
    Maya – Doesn’t make a team
    Hollie S – You would loose your friends.

  5. foundation says:

    Foundation 2:
    What do you think teamwork is?
    Elsie: When you work together. We stop when a job is done!

    What makes a good team?
    Reggie: When everyone works together at the same time.
    Kyton: When we work really hard.
    Charlie: When we are nice.

    Which is your favourite picture? Why?
    Reggie: I like the tiger picture because I like tigers.
    Orla: I like the picture of the dogs with the sticks. They are working together.
    Alex: I like the pictures with all the hands, it’s making a funny face.
    Chloe: I like the fountain picture because the girl is helping the dog.

    Do you belong to any teams?
    Foundation 2 discussed how we act as a team to complete chores around the classroom. For example we work as a team to complete our classroom jobs and to tidy up our classroom during “tidy up time.”

  6. 14vwilson says:

    In Year 3, we discussed what teamwork means.
    Poppy-Mai- when you help people
    Phoebe- helping together making everyone happy. making things work
    Matthew- a team can be big or small
    Finley- helping each other and not being selfish
    Reuben- teams encourage each other
    Edward- teams need to listen to each other or they might break apart
    Georgia- teams support
    Matilda- teams need to communicate with each other
    Libby- care for each other
    Dylan- they help each other

    The children then told me all about the different teams the are in…football teams, Cheerleading teams, Boys’ Brigade, swimming teams and gymnastics.
    We decided that there needs to be a lot of trust in a team!

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