26th October Assembly

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  1. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    What is harvest?
    Harvest is when the farmers pick and harvest their crops and store it. Lots of people bring food into the churches/schools and give this to a charity.

    Do you know any vegetables and fruit that we harvest in this country?
    Strawberries, potatoes, apples, corn, carrots, wheat, lettuce, blackberries and beans.

    How do we harvest our food?
    Either by machine or by hand depending on the food items.

  2. s14lbird says:

    Year 4 – What is Harvest?
    Christians believe in harvest because God made the world. Harvest is when farmers collect the crops and share out the food.

    Food we harvest in this country…

    How do we harvest our food?
    By hand or machine

  3. Mrs Arnold says:

    Reuben – Harvest is a time when we collect lots of food because it is ripe and ready to eat
    Isaac – Trees give fruit so that more trees can be grown
    Mohammad – Apples are harvested in this country
    Eva – Potatoes and carrots are harvested
    Jay – Broccoli is harvested
    Pippa – Corn on the cob, my Grandad grows this.
    Maya – We harvest our food by machine and hand.
    Sebby – A Combine Harvester harvests the food

  4. Anonymous says:

    This week F2’s learning theme is Harvest so we found the whole school assembly very informative!
    Chloe C: Harvest is when farmer’s pick food.
    Matilda: The food grows in the summer and then the farmers harvest it in the autumn.
    Q: Do you know any fruits or vegetables that we harvest in this country?
    Minnie: Strawberries are picked in this country.
    Maddie: Apples are havested.
    Reggie: Potatoes are harvested.
    Oliver: Carrots are harvested.
    Lucas said that strawberries are harvested by hand and Charlie said that machines are used to harvest other foods.

  5. Year 1 says:

    We enjoyed the powerpoint Harvest around the World. We looked for similarities and differences. Things that we found that are the same:
    Celebrating the gathering in of the Harvest and saying thank you (Molly), dancing in the streets (Imogen), family meals to give thanks (Charlie) and selling the produce in the shops and markets (Liliana).
    Things that we found that are different:
    Harvesting happens at different times in different countries (Neave) and different countries harvest different crops like the yams we saw (Finnley).
    Most of the children said they would like to celebrate the Harvest in Italy as they like eating pizza and pasta. A few said Barbados sounded good!

  6. Mrs Arnold says:

    Different countries do things the same or different – some of these things are:
    Holly K- They are all the same as they celebrate the harvest in one way or the other.
    Isaac – We don’t have fireworks at Harvest
    Eva – Sometimes they see family members they haven’t seen before.
    Gwen – In America they have Thanksgiving celebrating the pilgrims.
    Hollie S – They make lanterns to celebrate harvest.
    Dominic – They harvest lots of different fruit.

  7. 14vwilson says:

    Year 3 thought about being thankful and giving to others at Harvest Time. Then we talked about how food is harvested and which fruits and vegetables are grown in our country.
    Layla-Rose- they plant seeds and then they grow
    Phoebe- leave it to grow but make sure no bugs get into them
    Ellis- harvest it after it has grown
    Reuben- sometimes they use machinery
    Libby- sometimes they do it with their hands
    Charlie T- Food helps our bodies to grow so we should be thankful

    Foods harvested in this country…
    Alex- pears and apples
    Joe- peas
    Sophia- strawberries
    Max- carrots
    Finley- tomatoes
    Matilda- cabbages

    We were proud of ourselves for bringing in some harvest food to share with others who need it!

  8. foundation says:

    Foundation 2 enjoyed learning about how Harvest is celebrated around the world. We thought about how all countries show their appreciation for food that is grown and harvested. We recognised that lots of countries are thankful for lots of different foods! We took a vote and the majority of the class would like to celebrate Harvest time in Italy!

  9. miss haines says:

    In our country we can harvest:
    Strawberries, potatoes, apples, corn, carrots and wheat.

    All countries celebrate the food they have grown there e.g. Scotland – bread and Italy with olives and Barbados with their sugar cane. One difference is how they celebrate e.g. Americans get a day off and have family meals whereas we donate food to those in need. Argentina has parties in the streets.

    I would enjoy the Argentina festival because they is music and dancing in the street.
    I would enjoy having a day off with my family and relax like they do in America.

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