12th October

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  1. Mrs Arnold says:

    In Year 2, we discussed what it felt like to be someone who received thanks. Mylo said it makes him feel ‘happy’ to receive thanks and Sophia said it makes her feel ‘loved to receive thanks’. We enjoyed listening to all the other children across the school, talk about what they are grateful and thankful for. We are looking forward to watching ‘The Giving Tree’ in our class assembly tomorrow. We discussed what we thought this story would be about.
    Dominic – The tree grows fruit and the boy collects it and says thanks for the fruit
    Holly – The boy makes the tree give him things but keeps forgetting to say thank you for it.
    We are looking forward to seeing if our predictions are correct.

  2. miss haines says:

    What is gratitude?
    It is when you are thankful and show appreciation

    How do you feel when you give thanks?
    You feel warm and fuzzy and happy because you are making someone else happy.

    How can we show our thanks?
    We can do something nice for them e.g. help them, a card.
    We can say thank you.

    How does it feel to be someone who receives thanks?
    It feels nice. You feel happy. It makes you smile.

    What are you grateful for?
    Being alive. Having a safe place to live. Having access to a range of food and drink. Having family and friends. Having a free education. For free time. Pizza. My parents.

    Why is it important to show gratitude?
    It makes other people happy and feel nice and makes them want to do it again.

  3. s14smiah says:

    Year 5:
    In Year 5, we discussed why it is important to show gratitude. Lexi said it is very polite to do this and it makes people happy. We talked about how showing appreciation is the right thing to do and how it shows that you are grateful for different things. We liked hearing the other answers to the questions from other year groups too.

  4. Foundation 2 says:

    Foundation 2 shared the story of “The Giving Tree” in class. We talked about all the different ways in which the tree helped the boy. We also talked about how important it is to say thank you to others and show your appreciation. We then thought about how the boy could have shown gratitude to the tree:
    Minnie: “He could have said thank you.”
    Kyton: “He could have made the tree laugh.”
    Maddie: “He could have played with the tree.”

  5. Year 1 says:

    We enjoyed learning about gratitude. We listened carefully and learnt that gratitude is about showing appreciation for something that somebody has done to help you.
    Year 1 said it felt good when somebody said thank you. Lois said it made her feel happy. Molly said she felt pleased and proud of herself. Teddy said he felt good about himself. Imogen W said she had a nice feeling inside.
    Imogen said we can show thanks by simply saying thank you. We could write a card, give a gift such as flowers or chocolates.
    We talked about who we had said thank you to.
    Frankie said his Mum had baked an Oreo cake and he had said thank you as it was so yummy.
    Neave said that Imogen A had given her a book and she had said thank you.
    Jenny said her Mum had bought her some toy food for her kitchen which she loved so she had said thank you.
    Sofia said Molly G had given her some chocolate so she used her manners and said thank you.

    Lukas said it feels really good to be the person who receives the thanks.
    Imogen said it made her feel happy when someone appreciated her. Neave said it made her proud.
    Year 1 agreed that it was good to show gratitude as it was more likely that someone would show you kindness in return.

  6. Year 3 says:

    We talked a lot in year 3 about what gratitude is. We know that it is when you appreciate something and give thanks. Lots of us gave examples of when we have given thanks for new toys that we have had, or days out that we have experienced. We are also very thankful of our family and our friends who are so important to us. We said it is important to give thanks so that other people know that we care and appreciate things. To give thanks, makes us feel happy because we can see that we are making other people happy. When people thank us for things it makes us feel loved and happy.

  7. Mrs Arnold says:

    Ava – The boy didn’t give thanks to the tree, took what he wanted and would leave for a long time.
    Eleonora- The boy could of given the tree more water to grow but he didn’t.
    Holly K – The boy could of been more grateful for giving things.
    Dylan – The boy could of been more grateful for the tree and give something back to the tree, by planting one of the apple seeds or tying a ribbon around the tree.

  8. Foundation 2 says:

    Today, Foundation 2 answered questions about gratitude:
    Q: What is gratitude? A: When we say thank you and be nice – Esme.
    Q: How can we show our thanks? A: We can pick flowers – Minnie. We do a big smile – Brooke. We say thank you – Charlie.
    Q: How do you feel when you give thanks? A: I feel shy – Jake.
    Q: How does it feel to be someone who receives thanks? A: I feel happy – Orla.
    Q: Why is it important to show gratitude? A: If you don’t people will feel sad – Morwenna.
    Q: What are you grateful for? A: My sister, nanny and grandad – Elsie. My mummy – Dorothy.

  9. Year 1 says:

    Year 1 thought that the story was sad as the tree kept giving and didn’t not receive anything back. We noticed that the music was sad too.
    The boy did not show his thanks to the tree. Charlie told us that the tree gave him leaves and apples. Molly said the tree gave the boy somewhere to climb and somewhere to keep out of the sun.
    Imogen said the boy could have said thank you to the tree. Liliana said the boy could have given a gift to the tree.
    Year 1 thought as the boy got older he did start to appreciate the tree especially at the end of the story when he gave the man a place to sit and rest but it was almost too late then.
    We are all going to show our thanks to our friends and families by helping, being kind and make sure that we always remember good manners.

  10. Lily shields says:

    It is very polite to give Gratitude and it makes people happy.
    I feel great because I have been nice to someone.
    I can show my thanks to help out in the classroom.
    When I receive thanks I feel overjoyed because someone has been kind to me.
    It is important to show gratitude because it make loads of people fell very happy.
    I am grateful for my family.

  11. miss haines says:

    Year 6 listened to the story, “The Giving Tree.”

    Zachary felt that when the boy was younger he played with the tree more but as he grew older, he showed less appreciation for the things he was receiving. Zach liked the end when the man sat with the tree and spent time with it again.
    Ross thought the boy was greedy as he kept taking and taking from the tree without saying thankyou and Archie felt that the boy didn’t ask nicely and just wanting everything for himself.

    At the end of the story the man was most grateful for somewhere to just rest and Year 6 felt that he was showing more gratitude to the tree.

  12. 14vwilson says:

    Year 3 had a further discussion after listening to the story about ‘The Giving Tree’.
    Why was Miss Mason sad after reading this?
    Charlie Thomas- she felt sorry for the tree left all alone.
    Georgia- because he cut the trunk and sailed away
    Edward- he didn’t thank the tree. He kept taking things but not saying thanks.

    Could he have shown his appreciation?
    Phoebe- he could have hugged the tree
    Matilda- he could have said please and thank you
    Max- he could have waved at it often

    Do you think the boy’s appreciation changed as the story went on?
    Year 3 thought the boy did come to appreciate the tree and that’s why he chose to sit there as an old man.
    Courtney- he was grateful that he had given him lots of stuff

    How was the tree grateful to the boy?
    Edward- he gave the tree company
    Finley- he sat with him as a stump at the end. The man loved the tree no matter what he looked like.

    We loved this story and found it quite moving. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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