Autumn 1 Homework Year 4

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  1. Leah says:

    I found out some of my family’s date of birth to put into roman numerals
    mom =III.I.MCMLXXXIV 3.1.1984
    dad= VII.XII.MCMLXXXI 7.12.1981
    me = VIII.XII.MMXI 8.12.2011
    brooke = XXII.XI.MMXV 22.11.2015
    nan = I.III.MCMLVIII 1.3.1958
    grandad = XXIII.II.MCMLV 23.2.1955

  2. Sebastian Backhaus says:

    I watched Horrible Histories Rotten Romans and it was very funny.
    People would take gifts to Nero the Emperor and if he didn’t like them he would have them killed.
    The gladiator fights was a big thing in those days, they had fights to entertain.
    The Roman law said only men could inherit when people die.
    Boudicca didn’t like the Romans and got the Celtic tribes to fight against them.
    The Romans invented the calendar.
    The Romans won the battle against Boudicca
    Nobody knew how Boudicca died.

    • Imogen says:

      My family’s date of birth in numerals
      Mom xx1x1m1xLxx111.21.11.1973
      Dad xx111m1xLxx11.20.3.1972
      Me xx1111mmx11.23.1.2012
      Isaac xx1v11mmx1v.24.2.2014
      My mum and dad’s anniversary xx11vmm1.22.5.2001
      Nana xv11m1xL111.16..1.1953
      Grandad x11x1m1x1Lv111.12.11.1948

  3. Sebastian Backhaus says:

    Dad. X.XII.MCMLXVIII = 12.10.1968
    Mom.V.XXII.MCMLXXII= 22.05.1972

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