8th February

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  1. HApr says:

    i use the internet for roblox,youtube,homework,schoolwork,among us,online shopping

    i access the internet by comuper,phone,ipad

    my online identity is HApr

    1. I would ignore it because its probably a scam because you wouldent have done anything to get it

    2.I would say NO in caps because their probable going to kidnap me or something like that.

  2. CPay says:

    I use the internet for gaming and YouTube

    Go on to a phone


    Tell mom or dad

    Say no


  3. AJon says:

    I would not do anything until I told a adult or a family member that was older that me.
    I would say NO I don’t know you and then just block them because if I did meet up with them they would probably kidnap me or something.

  4. AJon says:

    I have watched the video

  5. Georgia moore says:

    I use the internet for playing ,games, watching youtube, online learning and chatting to friends and family.

    You access the internet through a browser like internet explorer, edge, chrome and safari.

    I would call my parents over to ask them how to get rid this pop up thing.

    I would tell this person that has asked to meet in person no and leave the game and tell my parents.

  6. Megan says:

    On the internet I play games, watch videos, talk to my friends, search things up and more. If an advert popped up that I had won money then I would probably get rid of it and tell someone so they could sort it out, if a stranger asked me to meet up with them I would say no and probably leave the game or not talk to them.

  7. Lexi Coates says:

    I use the internet for online schooling, playing games, searching things and calling my friends.

    We access the internet every day by just going on technology because mostly everything needs the internet otherwise it won’t work well.
    Your online identity could be your avatar or your name or a bio which describes things about you.

    If a advert popped up saying I won a free prize I would tell a trusted adult because sometimes they ask you for your personal details and then they might take your money or make a fake account under you name.

    If someone that I met online told me to meet up in real life i would say NO because I don’t know them in real life and they could be a stranger that could kidnap me, so I would tell my parents.

  8. AMia says:

    I use the internet for doing home work, to play games and to watch Netflix. To access the internet you need to access a app but if you don’t have the app you need to download the app on to a laptop, a phone or a iPad then you tap on the app to access the app. My online identity is a avatar with a name but not my real name because people can go through my data and take money out my bank account and find my address so they can break in to my house. If a ad come up and said you have won 100,000 pounds I would tell a adult and ask them what to do. If someone asked to meet in person I would ask an adult so they can help me and I could say no.

  9. James Norris says:

    It talked about messages that people needed to check or trust.
    So it said at the end that we have to be internet detectives

  10. LShi says:

    What do you use Internet for?
    I use Internet for playing games, chatting to my friends, looking up stuff on google.

    How do you access the Internet?
    I access the Internet by going on my computer or my iPad.

    What is your online identity?
    My online identity is my name and my age.

    You have seen and advert pop up and say you have won a prize?
    I would know that it was a virus and call my dad up and ask him to sort it out.

    A person you play online with asks if you want to meet in person?
    I would say NO! because I do not know you. And then I would remove him or her as a friend , delete the app and tell my parents.

  11. FSam says:

    I use the internet for games ,texting, facetiming , and more
    using wifi
    when I play Among us I sometimes call my self Random
    say No
    say No

  12. 14DHillidge says:

    I use it for gaming and learning.
    We access it by using consoles, phones, computers, phones and tablets.
    Your profile, avatar or name.
    I would leave it and tell an adult about it.
    I wouldn’t reply and I wouldn’t play with them online anymore unless it was someone I knew.

  13. 14RLittle says:

    I use the internet to talk to my friends and find out answers to questions none of my family can answer.
    we go on safari or other browsing platforms to go on the internet.

    You should not trust someone that wants to meet you that you only know through the internet because it could be someone putting it on and could endanger you if you go with them.

  14. 14WHall says:

    I use the internet for playing games online and calling friends and family
    We access the internet throw phone Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo switch and that’s only a few
    Mine is a fictional character

  15. 14ADoyle says:

    I use the internet for.. Homework ,Studying, Games, Videos, Music taking selfies and more. We access the internet by computer, phone, iPad ,Switch, .What would I do if I seen a advert pop up saying I have won a prize? I would one check if I even entered a competition. Two Check the user out. Three tell a trusted adult .Four check if it is an inappropriate or appropriate website. Five if it is nothing to do with what it says report it to the police. If someone told me to tell me where i live and all my details I would say no no no if you don’t know who they are then defiantly DO NOT!! meet up with them maybe they say they are 12 but they could be an adult pretending to be a kid and then take you away from your parents to never see them again so defiantly not tell someone your details.
    By Aaliyah.

  16. 14HNuttall says:

    I use the internet for gaming, social media and talking to my friends and family.

    We access the internet by going on our devices e.g. iPad, computer, phone etc

    If I see an unwanted advert I usually click off it and if it says i have won a prise i know it is not true since I don’t enter any online competitions.

    I would meet up with anyone online if I didn’t know them in person because they might not be who they say they are.

  17. 14ZSharp says:

    I use the internet for playing games, talking to friends and family and looking up information.
    I access the internet with my phone, iPad and my laptop.
    I have different identities online but you should try not to include your own name. One of my nicknames is ‘AtomicScraper’.
    If I saw an advert saying that you had one a prize, say to yourself ‘Did I enter a competition?’ if so you can look for spelling mistakes or unofficial work or ask an adult.
    If someone I play with asked me to see them in person, that is definitely a situation when you should talk to a trusted adult because they could be pretending to be 10 or 11, but is actually a 50 year old man or women.

  18. 14FWilkes says:

    alot of things like doing school work and watching youtube
    we access the internet by going onto electronics

  19. Year 2 bubble says:

    Year 2 bubble said:
    Rio uses the internet for watching TV, While Gwen uses it to research questions she has. Jay Plays games and learns how to make things and Alex likes to use it for email.

    Gwen said that she uses the browser on her computer to access an icon like Google Chrome.

    Isaac said if an ad came up to say he’d won a prize its probably not real and Jay said to go tell an adult.

    We talked about the importance of not talking to people online unless you know them and Alex said don’t go meet someone its not safe.

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