2nd July

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  1. Year 1 says:

    Chloe, Maisie, Lily-Grace, Ellie, Harry W, Oliver, Sebastian, Ethan and Lee all liked the running race the best.
    Amelia, Freddie, Scarlett and Ellie liked the bean bag in a bucket race best. Oscar and Myrtle said the sack race was their favourite. Caleb liked the obstacle race. Sophie and Leah said the potato and spoon race was lots of fun.

    When we talked about the races that were tricky Ethan told me that the bean bag race was tricky. Haris, Harry and Zunnurain found the potato and spoon race hard as the potato kept falling off. Freddie and Oliver said the sack race was really hard to balance.

    Year 1 remembered that we should have 60 minutes of exercise everyday. The children said that high intensity exercises would make you out of breath and sweaty. They suggested jogging, skipping, star jumps, riding their bike, press ups and dancing.
    Low intensity exercise is walking.

    Lee said that we should exercise to keep us fit, strong and healthy.

    All the children chose their favourite exercise and shared this in a circle time. Sebastian told us he was good at Gym. Sophie likes to ride her bike. Harry likes cricket.

    All of year 1 love keeping fit and are going to try to do an hour of exercise everyday!

  2. 14scroton says:

    The water race was my favourite because it would make you cool down.60 minutes each day.running is high intensity and running is low intensity. to keep fit and healthy . football

  3. 14sharmer says:

    I liked the running race the most.The hardest activitie was the water race.1 hour of exercise each day. High jump, lunges 400m sprint or 600 m sprint.walking.to keep your bones and muscles strong.run or jog each day.running 400m or 600m.

  4. 14mvincent says:

    My favourite game was the throw the beanbag into the hoop becuse it was a really good game for everbody on my first one was there was 10 beanbag to throw in there I got 8 beanbags in there the hardest one do was the jump one side to side I got 38 jump so I thought it was hard and really inteases

  5. 14skirk says:

    On sports day my favourite event was the water race and the hardest event was the water race. Your ment to do at least 60 minutes a day. high intensity sports are like running, skipping and jumping.

  6. 14ccash says:

    My favourite event was the one where you had to hope on one leg with a cup of water on your head and which ever team filled there jug up the hieghest won. I found the Skipping race the hardest because the ropes where very small. A heigh intensity is running and a low intensity is walking. Its important to me because i like exercising and it help me jkeep fit and healthy. I could help myself by doing more exercise each day.

  7. Evie .C year6 says:

    My favourite race was the water race.
    The race I found the hardest was the bean-bag race.
    You are advised to do 60 minuites of exercize a day.
    High Intensity E.G sprinting
    Low Intensity E.G walking.

  8. Ines says:

    my favourite activity was the water one i founf the hardest the jumping one cause its very tiering you need to do 1 hour running and skipping them kind of things low is like walking it is important so that you are fit and healthy by eating more fruit/vegetable swimming and dancing are my two top ones

  9. Year 3 says:

    We enjoyed sports day and our favourite events were the sprint, target bean bag and finally the water race. We found the running backwards and forwards to the cones quite tricky because we had to be careful we didn’t fall. Another one we found tricky was the jumping over the hurdles for 30 seconds, that was tiring.
    Year 3 realise the importance of keeping fit and are hoping to do lots of extra excercise in the next 2 weeks

  10. s14cpayne says:

    In Year 2 Sports Day was super fun! We all had a great time and won loads of stickers. The next day we wrote about it in our English lesson and drew a picture of us doing the sports. We all thought the potato and spoon race was tricky because the potatoes kept falling off the spoon. We enjoyed the running race and the dressing up race. Our mums and dads took lots of photos and at the end of the morning the mums and dads had a race too!

    In Year 2 we try and do at least 60 minutes of moving around every day. In Year 2 we keep winning the tennis racket for the most active class so we think we are doing really well.

    Exercising in the summer holidays will be fun because we can go swimming, hiking and riding our bikes with our families. We can’t wait for the holidays to start.

    In Year 2 we do sports and activities at Boy’s Brigade, horseriding, swimming lessons, dance, tai-kwando, football and loads of others. Sports is important to stay active and healthy.

  11. Foundation says:

    The children loved talking about sports day and we remembered all of the different races because we worked together as a team.
    Ellis and Dawoud both loved the egg and spoon race, although really it was a potato and spoon!
    Ethan and Matthew loved the running race.
    Archie loved the running race and the obstacle race.
    Charlie T chose three favourites;the obstacle, the sack and the dressing up race.
    Libby really liked the obstacle race as it was so much fun!
    Phoebe and Max said that they liked all of the races and this got us thinking about how fun all of the races were even though tthey were different.
    Dylan said that exercise is very important as it keeps you fit and strong and you need to eat lots of vegetables as it keeps you healthy!

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